Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's a Happy New Year with These 2016 Event Trends

2016 is here and we're preparing you for what's to come! You can expect to see new and exciting trends in color schemes, food and beverage, technology, A/V effects and lighting, and venue selection. Bring these new ideas to the table and impress your guests and attendees this year, making 2016 truly memorable! It's a happy New Year with these 2016 event trends!

Color Scheme

Color of the Year 2016

Cvent has dubbed Rose Quartz/Serenity, a dual color palette, as the 2016 Color of the Year. It is a combo of pale pink and light blue developed by Pantone. It is a must have for your floral arrangements, décor, cuisine and event furnishings color scheme this year!

Rose Quartz Serenity Color Palette

Food and Beverage

For 2016 prepare your taste-buds for these trending flavors! Ethnic spices, blended condiments, and elevated "peasant fare" including sausages and meatballs are on the rise. Smoked dishes like charred vegetables and utilizing local, fresh, organic sources will be wildly popular in 2016. You will also see scallops prepared a number of ways on a variety of menus this year.

Based on their annual survey of 1,300 chefs who are members of the American Culinary Federation, in its What's Hot 2016 Culinary Forecast, the National Restaurant Association has also forecasted the following food and beverage trends:
  • locally sourced meat and seafood
  • locally grown produce
  • natural ingredients
  • sustainable seafood
  • new cuts of meat (e.g. skirt steak, brisket, culotte/sirloin cap, tri-tip, cheeks)
  • homemade artisan ice cream
  • authentic ethnic cuisine
We can't wait to taste some of these dishes!


In a recent webinar, Kevin Yanushefski, Product Marketing Manager at Cvent and Curt Apanovich, Creative Director at AV Concepts teamed up to identify and explore 5 Event Tech Trends in 2016.

The latest technology trends they identified includes:
  • Immersive experiences: holograms, 3D projection mapping, 4K Ultra HD
  • Facilitating Attendee Interaction: beacons, wearables including beacons, timely alerts, and event mobile apps
  • Social Media Integration: social walls, live sharing and interaction from events
  • Real-Time Event Management: digital signage, digital command centers
  • Deep Insights: session tracking, personalized event reports, post event ROI measurement

Based on a survey of 6,000 event industry professionals and data from 1500 start-ups, Event Manager Blog identified 10 Event Trends for 2016 including:
  • crowdstreaming with platforms like Periscope and Meerkat
  • participant matchmaking
  • digital swag bags
  • audio beacons
We're thinking we're going to see a lot of FitBits and Apple TVs as giveaways in 2016!

A/V Effects and Lighting

“Pushing boundaries” is a great mantra to keep in mind when planning any event. A few ideas that push boundaries in event design are the use of AV effects and lighting. Why pay for event entertainment to fly across the country to you, when you can set up holograms and have multiple acts perform for your attendees? Trends like these are already taking place, and make a huge impact. Read how Audi did it when they launched their newest car!

When planning your event, research lighting and design companies and review your theme with them in order to come up with a fun look and feel. If you haven’t noticed lately, most music festivals, concerts and citywide events incorporate an overall theme with fun lighting and a great atmosphere. You can never go wrong with a consistent theme – it will keep your event attendees excited for what’s to come year after year!
Unique Venues

It helps to explore unique venue locations during the event planning process. Most planners will find that they receive great feedback when an event is not in a standard ballroom, but instead in an outdoor space, or fun environment. New trends in event design are leaning towards selecting unique venues that capture the event theme and keep attendees intrigued. A few examples of new sites are concert halls, art galleries, or smaller boutique hotels that have a fun, and intimate atmosphere.

We hope these event trends get you excited to plan in 2016. Stay ahead of the game and devour the details of your design!


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