Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ipswich On D This Sunday!

Join Ipswich Ale Brewery at The Lawn On D this Sunday, August 20th, for a day of family-friendly activities, live music by Closing Time, lawn games, and great food and drinks available for purchase! Kids can touch, sit in, and take pictures with the Ipswich Ale Brewery’s antique tapmobiles and other Touch-a-Trucks, and play in the New England Aquarium mobile touch tank featuring live, local tidepool animals (sea stars, moon snails, periwinkles, whelks, hermit crabs, mussels, clams, scallops, urchins, rock grabs, spider crabs, etc.). Is that not the coolest thing you've ever heard?

Residents of Boston’s North Shore were first introduced to Ipswich Ale during the spring of 1991. With 25 years of history behind it, Ipswich Ale has been in existence longer than nearly every other craft brewer in New England. Since that time, the Ipswich Ale portfolio of brands have developed into a tradition shared by not only the residents of eastern Massachusetts, but across New England. In January of 2016, the Ipswich Ale Brewery also opened their onsite restaurant the Ipswich Ale Brewer’s Table, which features 15 tap lines and a diverse menu with a mix of tastes ranging from brewpub to New American cuisine.

If you're like us, you're still probably wondering what a "tapmobile" is, right? Well, it's basically what it sounds like. Ipswich Ale Brewery has built four different vehicles, with a range of the number of beer taps in each, that can be utilized at any event. Perfect for a wedding, birthday celebration or corporate event! Bring on the tapmobiles!

Big Red




We're not sure which one will be cruising to Lawn on D but we're excited to find out! Join us this Sunday as we devour the details of a brew-filled afternoon thanks to Ipswich Ale Brewery!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wedding Wednesdays: The Art of Thank You Notes

When the wedding fun is said and done, and the gifts have all been opened, it's time to thank your guests for their kind contribution. These notes will remind your family and friends just how much you appreciate their love and support. Penning your gratitude isn't always easy but we're lucky enough to live in a world where "there's an app for that". No, but really, there is! Check out these thank-you note tech tools that make expressing gratitude as easy as saying "I do."

1. Start With Managing Your Address Book 
Between save-the-dates, invites and thank-yous, you'll be sending a lot of mail. With The Knot wedding guest list manager, you can upload addresses, even grouping them by occasion. You can also track gifts received and thank-yous sent. No need to use any other platform! The Knot can do it all.

2. Personalize Your Paper 
Don't just buy in bulk...customize your thank-yous! Artifact Uprising lets you keep it classic with a paper card, but allows the option to tranform your notes with Insta-snaps from the wedding or your favorite honeymoon selflies. Each set is a mix of 10 pics, making an utterly amazing keepsake!

3. Say It With a Video 
Create and send customized video messages in minutes with ThankView. Choose from unique "card" designs complete with envelope and music choices. You can even add photos to your note. We recommend uploading the video to your wedding site and social media accounts as well!

4. There's an App for That (we weren't joking)
Pen thank-you notes while waiting for your flight to the Amalfi Coast. The RedStamp app allows you to create and send digital and paper cards (they even mail them for you) to loved ones with just a few clicks. This is a great tool to use, especially if you're planning on a month-long honeymoon!

5. Send Gratitude From Afar
Send your thank-you notes directly from your honeymoon. Postography allows you to upload your favorite shots, type a quick message and add the recipient's mailing address. Within a week, a postcard will show up in their mailbox. Viola! It's like magic.

Put the pen and paper away for now and devour the details of a new thank-you note era! Seriously, what would we do without modern technology. Cheers to you, Internet!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Five Winesicles to Try Before the End of Summer

Some people say there's nothing more refreshing than a Popsicle on a hot summer's day Other people say there's nothing more refreshing than a nice glass of wine. We like having both. So why not combine the two? Check out these five winesicles you have to try before the end of the summer!

Frosé Ice Pops

What you’ll need:½ cup sugar¼ cup water1 lemon1 bottle of Cupcake RoséPlastic ice pop pouchesWhat you’ll do:Combine sugar, water, and lemon juice in small pot over medium heat. Once sugar is fully dissolved, remove and cool to room temp. Mix cooled syrup with rosé, then slowly pour into plastic pouches. Leave some room at top of pouch because mixture may expand while in freezer. Freeze for about 6 hours, then enjoy!Makes approximately 12 pops.

What you’ll need:
½ cup sugar
¼ cup water
1 lemon
1 bottle of Cupcake Rosé
Plastic ice pop pouches

What you’ll do:
Combine sugar, water, and lemon juice in small pot over medium heat. Once sugar is fully dissolved, remove and cool to room temp. Mix cooled syrup with rosé, then slowly pour into plastic pouches. Leave some room at top of pouch because mixture may expand while in freezer. Freeze for about 6 hours, then enjoy!

Makes approximately 12 pops.

Strawberry Mango Prosecco Pops

What you’ll need:Strawberry layer:1 cup frozen strawberries2 tablespoons sugar⅓ cup Cupcake ProseccoMango layer:16 ounces frozen mango ¼ cup sugar1 cup Cupcake ProseccoPopsicle mold, sticksWhat you’ll do:First, create strawberry layer by puréeing berries, sugar, and prosecco until smooth. Use mixture to fill about one-third of popsicle mold and freeze. Next, purée mango, sugar, and prosecco and fill popsicle molds to top. Insert stick and freeze for at least 4 hours.Makes approximately 6 pops.

What you’ll need:
Strawberry layer:
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 tablespoons sugar
⅓ cup Cupcake Prosecco

Mango layer:
16 ounces frozen mango
¼ cup sugar
1 cup Cupcake Prosecco
Popsicle mold, sticks

What you’ll do:
First, create strawberry layer by puréeing berries, sugar, and prosecco until smooth. Use mixture to fill about one-third of popsicle mold and freeze. Next, purée mango, sugar, and prosecco and fill popsicle molds to top. Insert stick and freeze for at least 4 hours.

Makes approximately 6 pops.

Fruity Sangria Pops

What you’ll need:1 cup lemonade2 cups Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc2 cups fruit (we used kiwi, blueberries, and strawberries)3-ounce paper cups, sticksWhat you’ll do:Stir together lemonade and wine, then pour ⅓ of liquid into small paper cups and allow to freeze slightly. Remove mold from freezer, add your favorite fruits (and sticks!), then freeze again partially. Repeat this step until molds are full and fruit is evenly distributed. Finally, freeze popsicles for at least 6 hours. Peel away paper cups and enjoy!Makes approximately 6 pops.

What you’ll need:
1 cup lemonade
2 cups Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc
2 cups fruit (we used kiwi, blueberries, and strawberries)
3-ounce paper cups, sticks

What you’ll do:
Stir together lemonade and wine, then pour ⅓ of liquid into small paper cups and allow to freeze slightly. Remove mold from freezer, add your favorite fruits (and sticks!), then freeze again partially. Repeat this step until molds are full and fruit is evenly distributed. Finally, freeze popsicles for at least 6 hours. Peel away paper cups and enjoy!

Makes approximately 6 pops.

Pinot Plum Pops

What you’ll need:½ cup sugar½ cup water16 ounces fresh plums (sliced and peeled)1 cup Cupcake Pinot NoirPopsicle mold, sticksWhat you’ll do:Put sugar and ¼ cup of water in small pot over medium heat. When sugar dissolves, add plums and cook until softened. Once mixture has partially cooled, purée it until smooth, then blend in remaining water and wine. Pour into popsicle molds, add sticks, and freeze for at least 6 hours or until frozen.Makes approximately 6 pops.

What you’ll need:
½ cup sugar
½ cup water
16 ounces fresh plums (sliced and peeled)
1 cup Cupcake Pinot Noir
Popsicle mold, sticks

What you’ll do:
Put sugar and ¼ cup of water in small pot over medium heat. When sugar dissolves, add plums and cook until softened. Once mixture has partially cooled, purée it until smooth, then blend in remaining water and wine. Pour into popsicle molds, add sticks, and freeze for at least 6 hours or until frozen.

Makes approximately 6 pops.

Peach Bellini Pops

What you’ll need:16 ounces frozen peaches¼ cup sugar1 cup Cupcake Prosecco3-ounce paper cups1 cup blueberries Popsicle sticksWhat you’ll do:Purée peaches, sugar, and prosecco. Once mixture is smooth, pour into small paper cups, add blueberries, and insert sticks. Freeze for 5–6 hours or until frozen, then carefully tear away cups when ready to serve!Makes approximately 6 pops.

What you’ll need:
16 ounces frozen peaches
¼ cup sugar
1 cup Cupcake Prosecco
3-ounce paper cups
1 cup blueberries
Popsicle sticks

What you’ll do:
Purée peaches, sugar, and prosecco. Once mixture is smooth, pour into small paper cups, add blueberries, and insert sticks. Freeze for 5–6 hours or until frozen, then carefully tear away cups when ready to serve!

Makes approximately 6 pops.

Get your freezers ready and devour the details of staying cool these last few weeks of summer!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Mashups: Alice's Table

We recently stumbled across Alice's Table on Instagram (@alicestable) and knew it was a must-share for our readers. Alice's Table brings women together to learn new skills, and live a social and creative lifestyle. Their goal is to be the bright spot in the modern busy woman’s life - the thing she looks forward to at home and on the town. Their motto: "modern women don’t have time to be Martha, they need lifestyle delivered".

Image result for alices table

Recently named Improper Bostonian’s 2016 Best Boozy Class and one of Boston Globe’s best new services in 2016, Alice's Table prides themselves on creating a one-of-a-kind Girls Night Out experience!

They host regular events at restaurants, bars, and other partner locations across the country. Alice's Table events start off with a mixology demonstration and are followed by a class where you learn the art of flower arranging. Each guest takes home a beautiful arrangement of their own creation. Their events are open to the public. You can search for an event near you on their website, Upon request, Alice's Table also does private parties for all types of occasions: bridal showers, corporate and charitable events, and so much more!

No arrangement is complete without a pop of pink! 🌸

What makes Alice's Table unique? Their Event Exec program! The program is dedicated to empowering women to build their own business through the art of flower design. Whether you already have a 9-5 job or you're just looking for a simple way to make some extra cash, the Event Exec program is a great way to transform your love of flowers into an income, a way to meet new people or to simply do something creative. To find out more, check out their FAQs page and contact Alice's Table today.

Devour the details of a Girls Night Out, corporate event, or new career path with the help of Alice's Table. We can't wait to attend an event near us!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Saturdays are for...

Sox fans! That's right. This Saturday isn't just for the boys! It's for all those who enjoy watching America's favorite pastime. Thanks to the City of Boston, Highland Street Foundation, and team, you can watch the Sox take on the Yankees this Saturday, August 12th right on the Boston Common!

The organizations are partnering up to host the fourth annual “Out of the Park” party! This event is a free, family-friendly program that transforms a busy corner of the Boston Common into Fenway Park. While a Red Sox game is presented live on a big screen, the event aims to recreate the excitement of Yawkey Way and Fenway Park with ballpark food classics and fun activities.

Image result for highland street foundation out of the park event

"Out of the Park" attendees will have a chance to meet Red Sox mascot Wally, savor Fenway Franks and other ballpark treats, hear from the Hot Tamales Brass Band, and enjoy activities like face painting, caricatures, balloon art, and baseball-themed games. A perfect Saturday for the kids!

Image result for highland street foundation out of the park event

The Highland Street Foundation has also teamed up with the Parks and Recreation Department and the Red Sox to renovate youth baseball fields throughout Boston with help from the proceeds of this event. Fields receive improvements including fresh clay, privacy screens on backdrops, sod cutting, new grass, and lining. A few of the parks even receive replica Green Monster walls. How amazing is that?

Image result for out of the park highland street foundation

The "Out of the Park" Party kicks-off at 2:30PM with the first pitch scheduled for 4PM. Don't miss out on this fun free event. Take yourself out to the ball game this weekend and devour the details of a Saturday just for Sox fans!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wedding Wednesdays: Five of our Favorite Trends to Closeout 2017

We're already more than half way through the year—but that doesn't stop new trends from popping up! There are a number of ways to pull inspiration from this year’s trend report and add your own personal touch to match your celebration style and budget. If you're planning a fall or winter wedding for 2017, it's not too late to sneak these details in. Here are our five favorites from The Knot that we hope you consider incorporating!

Double-the-Fun Escort Cards

escort cards

Escort cards are like the save-the-dates of your wedding day—they don’t have to match your theme or wedding style. They’re the perfect segue to be playful and incorporate your personalities or favorite things as part of your celebration. Create a dramatic escort card display that can double as a photo booth backdrop or playing cards, like these Apples-to-Apples ones, that double as party favors.

Image Mapping

image mapping

Turn your indoor reception space into an enchanted forest without uprooting a single tree or surpassing your flower budget. Image mapping is a projection technology that allows you to transform a space with lighting and moving pictures (and is much more environmentally-friendly). You can change scenes too, giving your ceremony and reception each its own special vibe. In a time crunch and not much wiggle room left in your budget? Use the technology on just your wedding cake instead, creating the ultimate focal point!

"This Swing is a Symbol of Our Love"


The latest in reception lounge seating is swings. This playground classic promises to be a big hit with wedding guests both young and old. Great for photo opps but also the perfect way to stay in motion when your feet need a break from tearing up the dance floor. Seating in general is trending, with couples opting for “king” and “queen” chairs at a sweetheart table, or mix-and-match options for outdoor ceremonies. But you can take it to the next level with his and her swings at your reception or after-party!

Grand Getaways

motorcycle getaway

Think of this exit as a fresh take on the classic car with streamers and cans dragging behind it. Surprise your guests with an unexpected getaway on the back of a motorcycle, in a horse-drawn carriage or by helicopter. For a twist on the trend, have a really exciting entrance with one of these modes of transport instead.

The Gift Lounge

gifting lounge

This deconstructed welcome bag is perfect for destination weddings. Instead of stuffing and delivering a gift for your guests, let them do the work. Trust us, they'll be happy you did! Set up a room full of swag (snacks, drinks, local sweet treats) where guests can come and choose their favorite things. Best of all, you (or your family or wedding party) can greet guests in person when they arrive. A thoughtful component to any celebration!

There's so much you can do to transform any idea, whether from Pinterest or a bridal blog, and make it your own. Get inspired and devour the details of these 2017 trends just in time for your fall or winter wedding!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How To Recover from the Faris and Pratt Split

If you don't know what we're talking about, you clearly haven't been on Twitter in the last 24 hours. Sadly, Mom actress Anna Faris and Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt have legally separated. Fans are losing it on social media and we are equally devastated! Seriously, look at this Buzzfeed article we read about them just last week. Our heart aches for them! So today, we wanted to share a few remedies in hopes to brighten the days of those saddened by this soul-crushing--does true love even exist--separation. Here it goes!

Binge Watch the Scary Movie Series

Surprise Cindy! Special Officer Doofy reporting for duty.

Have an Adult Beverage

Cocktail: The Star-Lord (Inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy) | All Mommy Wants

Sip on your sorrows with this Star-Lord-inspired cocktail!

Dress Up as Your Favorite House Bunny

Image result for house bunny

"We have to have an Aztec party. We always wanted to have one at the mansion but we could never find a virgin to sacrifice."

Dino Nuggets

Dinosaur Party Ideas That Will Make You Roar

And when you get hungry, channel your inner Jurassic Park and chomp on some of these childhood favorites.

Let the Aggression Out

Invite your closest pals over for a pillow fight, to really, let it all out.

Troll Parks & Rec

Image result for chris pratt parks and rec memes

Laugh until you cry while scrolling through the 100 funniest Parks and Recreation memes of all time.

Find Your Number Two

And last but not least, cherish this cinematic moment, forever.

We're not crying...

Just them allergies! Let's try to keep it together as best we can. For Jack's sake.

Image result for chris pratt and anna faris with jack

Mend your heart by devouring the details of brighter days with these soul-saving remedies. To Faris and Pratt, we hope it all works out for the better...but may #Fatt live on forever!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Mashups: National S'mores Day

Whether they are legitimate or not, we sure do love the "National Holidays" folks celebrate via social media. Come on, we're sure you've seen your friends cheers-ing on National Tequila Day on Snapchat or enjoying a scoop or two on National Ice Cream Day on Instagram, so we know you know what we're talking about. August is full of these days worth celebrating. As a matter of fact, this Thursday, August 10th, is one of our favorites, National S'mores Day!

In case you don't know, a s’mores consists of a roasted marshmallow with a layer of chocolate bar sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. The origin of this campfire favorite is credited to the entrepreneur Alec Barnum. However, the first recorded version of the recipe can be found in the 1927 publication of Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. Even though the Girl Scouts were not the first ones to make s’mores, they describe them in their reports as early as 1925. Earlier recipes used the name “Some Mores” for this perfectly melty summertime snack. It is unclear when the name was shortened to “S’mores” but it definitely describes this classic combination perfectly.

Today, we're bringing you five of our favorite recipes that put a spin on these traditional treats. Join us in celebrating National S'mores Day with these sweet snacks!

Churro S'mores

churro smore donuts

Just two of our favorites combined into one. We could eat this double dessert every single day of the summer (winter, spring and fall too). Yum! Get the recipe here.

Deep Fried S'mores

Deep Fried S'mores - the best new way to enjoy s'mores! With melted chocolate and marshmallows in every bite. | From

We've had deep fried Oreos. We've had deep fried Snickers. But we've never had deep fried S'mores! These ooey-gooey bite size doughnut-like treats are all we want to eat after a day in the summer sun. Check out the recipe here!

S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

Mini Smores Ice Cream Sandwiches! This recipe is the perfect summertime dessert! Try this smores recipe this summer as an awesome cool treat!

If you want something to cool you down after a long summer's day, this is the treat to beat. Nothing will hit the spot quite like this s'mores ice cream sandwich! Find out the recipe here and whip up some of your own before summer's gone.

S'mores Campfire Cones

S'mores Campfire Cones - this campfire recipe goes outside the box and creates the ultimate smores recipe for adults and kids on Frugal Coupon Living.

Just 1, 2, 3--3 ingredients to transform this traditional treat. Keep the marshmallow-mess contained in a sugar cone for the ultimate late night snack. Get the complete recipe here!

Ultimate S'mores Milkshake

INSANE Extreme S'mores Milkshake Recipe like NYC Freakshakes. My favorite ice cream dessert!

Last but definitely not least, this ultimate milkshake is what dreams are made of! Overflowing with nostalgia and sugar, you'll forget all about your beach-body diet to sip on one of these for the rest of the summer. Indulge with this recipe!

Everything is s'more fun with a good dessert. Keep summer exciting with these sweet treats and devour the details of National S'mores Day with us this Thursday!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Savor the South End this Saturday!

The South End is a neighborhood of Boston bordered by Back Bay, Chinatown, and Roxbury. It is distinguished from other neighborhoods by its Victorian style houses and the many parks in and around the area. But do you know what else sets them apart from other Boston boroughs? Their restaurants and local cuisine!

No automatic alt text available.

This Saturday you can savor all the food the South End has to offer by joining a walking tour hosted by Bites of Boston. At Bites of Boston Food Tours, they are passionate about all things Boston (with the fabulous food scene being no exception)! Bites of Boston finds that being a part of this city means being surrounded by an abundance of delicious and eclectic food options every day. So why not take a moment to savor it?


Mouth-watering food tastings provide the foundation for the Bites of Boston tours and they firmly believe food is best enjoyed when served in the context of your local surroundings. Their neighborhood tours are carefully curated to create just that experience for guests. By combining sweet and savory food tastings with fascinating stories, local culture, history and architecture, they have created the perfect recipe for a fun, one of a kind way to explore some of Boston’s most vibrant and tasty neighborhoods.

Image may contain: food

Boston's South End provides the perfect ingredients for a delicious walking tour! During your stroll you will get to sample food specialties from local eateries, learn about the South End chefs and proprietors, and find out how this neighborhood’s past has contributed to its modern culture and cuisine.

Tour Info
  • When: Thursday through Sunday, April through November.
  • Time: Tours depart at 11:30am, 12:00pm and/or 12:30pm depending on the day of the week. View the tour calendar for specific times.
  • Cost: $59 Weekdays / $63 Weekends (+tax)
  • Duration: Tours last approximately 3 hours and cover under 2 miles of walking, so you can get your steps in while you eat!
  • Where: Tour meets near Massachusetts Ave. and Tremont Street. Exact location provided at time of ticket purchase.
  • What’s Included: All food tastings, enough for lunch.
  • Who: All who enjoy, walking, learning and eating!
  • Capacity: 16 people per tour.
  • Wear: Comfortable clothing and shoes. Please bring rain gear if wet weather is predicted.
  • Weather: Tour takes place rain or shine.
Tasting Info

The Elephant Walk South End
Cambodian-French fusion restaurant offering a bi-cultural menu
(Est. 1991)

Orinoco: A Latin Kitchen
A Latin kitchen inspired by family-run Venezuelan eateries
(Est. 2006)

Flour Bakery
Popular local bakery and cafe with mouth-watering pastries and delicious sandwiches
(Est. 2000)

South End Buttery
Neighborhood bakery/cafe known for coffee, cupcakes and fresh, simple, high-quality menus
(Est. 2005)

Formaggio Kitchen South End
Purveyor of fine meats, cheeses, wines and specialty products
(Est. 1999)

Stephi’s on Tremont
New American Brasserie offering sophisticated comfort food and a cozy atmosphere
(Est. 2009)

Hungry yet? We know we are! Tickets are available online for purchase prior to the tour. Check out these eclectic restaurant menus and call up your gal pals because you're in for a real treat! Join us this Saturday as we savor the South End and devour the details of this Bites of Boston tasting tour!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wedding Wednesdays: Intimate Ideas for a Bigger Wedding

In 2016, the average number of guests couples invited to their wedding was 141. This number is considerably large considering the total cost of holy matrimony these days. Budget aside, with this big of a guest list, you can miss out on the intimate feeling of a smaller wedding. To make that personal connection on your special day, consider incorporating these intimate ideas!

Image result for wedding guests with bride and groom at reception

Host smaller, more intimate events leading up to your wedding day with various groups of guests. This will ensure some much needed attention paid. Whether your immediate family, college friends or work friends, it is nice to spend some time with each prior to your big day!

Light the Way
Incorporating a variety of soft and romantic lights to your reception venue can help create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Uplighting, lanterns, ceiling and market lighting will enhance the mood. Beware of harsh or bright lights, such as spotlights, and when in doubt, add an array of candles for a touch of romance.

Image result for soft lighting wedding

Family Feast
Choose long tables over smaller round ones to create a feeling of being at an intimate dinner party with friends and family. A great way to share laughs (and maybe even a bite of each other's dessert).

Give Centerpieces the Lowdown
While big, tall centerpieces may feel appropriate for a large wedding, consider a low and lush option instead. With low centerpieces, guests are able to see one another and carry on conversation with everyone at the table, not just the person to the right or left of them!

Image result for wedding guests with bride and groom at reception

Greet the Guests
Taking the time to spend a few minutes at each table greeting guests allows the bride and groom an opportunity to enjoy mingling with all of their loved ones and friends, and allows their guests to feel included in their day. Maybe even consider posing for a photo opp or two!

Casual Corners
Designate a space that's away from the reception room for guests to gather and chat—for example, an intimate cigar lounge with a rustic feel complete with wood furniture, Mexican blankets, a fire pit and maybe even some s'mores. Create that warm and cozy feeling for your family and friends to mingle! Or have a fun photo booth big enough for groups to gather (but not so big that it fits all your 141 of your guests).

Image result for wedding guests with bride and groom at reception

Avoid losing out on that intimate feeling at your wedding by incorporating these ideas and devour the details of connecting with your guests—making memories to last a lifetime!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Cheers, Old Sport!

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” 
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Ah, one of my favorite quotes! And the very first movie I watched with my own Gatsby. So it should be no surprise I wanted to share this upcoming event with my readers. For the fifth year in a row, you can travel back in time to the era of flapper dresses and swing dancing, thanks to the Roaring Twenties Lawn Party on Castle Hill at Crane Estate!

Image result for crane estate

This shindig takes place August 5th and 6th in beautiful and historic Ipswich, MA. Attendees are encouraged to don their best 20s apparel, enjoy a picnic on the grounds, and participate in the various activities put together by the estate's Trustees of Reservations and Mike Hibarger, Vice president of Boston Swing Central. The first year, the event drew 1,200 guests; last year’s party brought 3,200 and sold out. Due to this overwhelming interest, 2017 will be the first year the event becomes a 2-day affair.

2014 R20LP_Meg Quigley.jpg

The full schedule of events is posted online but I'll give you the rundown. DJ Legs Magoo, aka Miranda Lank, who spins for Boston’s swing dancers, will play music all weekend long. Bands Tamar Korn & A Kornucopia, Cassidy & The Orleans Kids, and Baby Soda Jazz Band with Tamar Korn will perform, as will dance groups Boston Lindy Bomb Squad, Divine Providence, Boston Lindy Hop, Eight Thirty ACT, Just for Kicks, and The Riff. Inspired guests can also take swing lessons and participate in a Charleston dance contest.

Party-goers can bring their own picnics, pre-order them from Ferreira Foods, or choose from the seafood, roast beef, salads, Cuban food, nuts, popcorn, candy, and ice cream at food trucks and food tents on the grounds. Expect Empanada Dada, Kelly’s Roast Beef Catering, Mandy’s, Q’s Nuts, Ferreira Foods, and White Farms Homemade Ice Cream, as well as vendors selling vintage apparel. Just don’t forget lawn chairs, picnic blankets and some bug spray!

Drinks from Ipswich Ale Brewery, Mill River Winery, and Far from the Tree Cider will be sold in a roped-off area, fittingly dubbed the Bootlegger’s Garden; a nod to the age of prohibition. And lastly, attendees can step inside the 1920s mansion for tours throughout the day and check out the vintage cars that will be on display across the property all night long. What a fun way to celebrate such an eventful time in history!

Crane Estate-78.jpg

Tickets to the event cost $40 for general admission and $32 for students, seniors, and Trustees members. Children ages 10 and under are free. Tickets must be purchased in advance and will not be sold at the door. Parking is available on-site for $10 per car. Additional information can be found on the Roaring Twenties Lawn Party event page.

Pip pip cheerio, cheers to you old sport! Join the fun and devour the details of a Gatsby-good time this weekend at the Roaring Twenties Lawn Party!

Monday Mashups: Dreamland Wax Museum - Now Open!

Want to get up close and personal with your favorite celebs? Right here, in the city of Boston? Get those selfie sticks ready! Dreamland Wax Museum is set to open today in downtown Boston!

Dreamland has been turning heads for weeks now, as curious onlookers near City Hall Plaza have gawked at the lifelike figures of Katy Perry, Queen Elizabeth, and President Trump staring out the window of the museum’s home at 1 Washington St. The museum plans to set itself apart from Madame Tussauds and similar venues by allowing visitors to interact with the figures rather than viewing them behind a velvet rope or panes of glass. How can they offer this added feature? They have a full-time artist in-house that will touch up the figurines' hair and makeup every day!

The soon-to-be tourist must-see is owned by Dreamz Entertainment, a Brazilian company that runs more than 35 museums in Central and South America. Dreamland will be the company’s first U.S. venture. Thanks to its long and storied history, Boston is the perfect location to launch the incredible wax display; especially since the museum is steps away from the Freedom Trail, right next to Faneuil Hall.

Image result for dreamland wax museum boston

The museum already features several famous Bostonians in wax, including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Ray Bourque, Bobby Orr, Paul Pierce, and even Boston Pops director Arthur Fiedler, but plans to add more. As the museum gets up and running, it will bring in other local celebrities to have their measurements taken so their wax likenesses can be added to the collection, a process that takes four to six months. We wonder who will be next!

Image may contain: 1 person, car and outdoor

Dreamland has also partnered with Cueseum, an app company that designs interactive mobile experiences for museums. Using the app, as you walk past the wax figure of Abraham Lincoln, for example, you’ll hear facts about the 16th president read by a voice actor impersonating Lincoln. We can't wait to use Cueseum to hear about our fellow Bostonians! Join us this week at Dreamland and devour the details of some laughs and celeb selfies!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tale of Two Brews

On our most recent exploration of beers, we've come across two with very distinct ingredients we had to share. And no, it's not an interesting fruit or even an unheard of spice. It's way more surprising than that and both unique ingredients come from the sea. Just what could they be? Read on to find out!

Night Shift Brewing

Night Shift Brewing was founded in 2012 by a trio of friends with a shared passion for homebrewing. Through culinary inspiration and determined innovation, they aim to create memorable craft beers that offer a wide array of unique, complex flavors. The friends began homebrewing in a Somerville, MA kitchen in 2007, starting with a 5-gallon "boil kettle," a Gatorade cooler "mash tun," and some basic starter recipes. Over time, they refined their process, enhanced their recipes, upgraded their equipment, and were soon homebrewing well past midnight 2-3 times per week. They called themselves "Night Shift Brewing" - desk workers by day, homebrewers by night.

By 2009, Night Shift was sampling their own brews against every commercially available style, brand, and region possible. They realized that while not everyone makes truly great, memorable beer, anyone could make it with enough dedication, passion, and knowledge. In 2010, the friends started writing a business plan to begin their own nanobrewery. By 2011, they had raised a small amount of capital and began building a 3,000 sq. ft. 3.5BBL brewery in Everett, MA. On Saturday, March 31, 2012, they opened their doors for the very first time.

Night Shift spent two years growing into (and then out of) their first Everett location. With increasing demand and production, they finally made the move and in May of 2014, they opened the doors to their current 30,000 sq. ft. space. They now work with a 20BBL brewing system, a field of 20BBL, 40BBL, and 60BBL fermenters, and a growing collection of oak barrels. On a daily basis, Night Shift welcomes guests into their 2500 sq. ft. Taproom so that they can share their beers, their space, and their story. With no surprise, Night Shift's products are currently self-distributed to a group of retail and restaurant partners in MA and are making way into nearby states as we speak.

There's little more we have to say to show just how creative Night Shift is...but we will! It's time to talk about their specialty brew, highlighting an ingredient from the sea. Can you guess what that is? Crassostreas virginicas. What? Simply speaking--oysters! Their Harborside beer is a Gose-style sour ale brewed with coriander and oysters from Island Creek Oysters. How incredible is that? And trust us, it is tasty! We recommend stopping by their brewery today for a sample.


Next up, Oxbow!

Oxbow is an American farmhouse brewery specializing in traditional Belgian-style ales with contemporary American influence. They brew small batches of beer in a renovated barn in rural Newcastle, Maine. Their beers can be found in fine bars and restaurants throughout Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. The Oxbow tasting room is located at 274 Jones Woods Road, Newcastle, Maine and is currently open 5 days a week on Wednesdays through Sundays from 12-7pm. Oxbow Blending & Bottling tasting room is located at 49 Washington Avenue, Portland, Maine and is open 7 days a week, Sunday through Thursday, 12-9pm, and Friday & Saturday, 12-11pm.

Now what could possibly be the second ingredient from the sea Oxbow is brewing with? The Homarus americanus. The what now? The good ol' Maine lobster! Meet the Saison Dell'Aragosta; a Gose-inspired seaside saison brewed with live Maine lobsters and sea salt. A specialty brew made in collaboration with Birrificio del Ducato of Parma, Italy. Saison Dell’Aragosta shows some serious effervescence in the glass, with hundreds of tiny bubbles racing to form a sea-foamy head. Oxbow uses words like “floral,” “fruity,” and “citrusy” to describe how the beer smells. And we've heard it tastes salty and tart, like squirting a lemon onto your fresh seafood! At 4.5 percent ABV, it’s unequivocally refreshing. We can't wait to get our claws on this brew!

Image result for Saison Dell'Aragosta

If you're searching for a summer beer to accompany the taste of the salty sea, look no further. Both Night Shift and Oxbow got you covered! Devour the details of the tale of these two brews and enjoy the hints of these surprising ingredients before beach season ends!