Thursday, October 31, 2013

Being Unique: Part Two

One of my good friend's family owns a campground in Milton, NH. It is a very unique venue for events like anniversaries, showers, etc. Throughout our MBA program, we did numerous projects involving the campground and I've become quite infatuated with it. That being said, I figured I'd give them a quick feature on my blog today.

Mi-Te-Jo Campground has a range of facilities and offers weekly and seasonal campsites. They also have cabin rentals, boat docks, walking trails, rec halls, The Meadow (their outdoor event space), and much, much more. They host a range of events from concerts to weddings to tractor parades. If you enjoy a natural environment, there's nothing better than this quaint campground. Be sure to check them out next time you're looking for a unique outdoor event space!

Now get to devouring those details..

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dexter Dinner Party

In honor of Halloween and wanting to do something bloody/creepy, I decided to use one of my favorite TV shows as inspiration for a dinner party. Showtime's Dexter, which recently came to an end after 8 seasons, stars Michael C. Hall as a forensics expert (blood spatter analyst) for the Miami police force and also as a serial killer of people who have escaped justice. If you have never seen it, I highly recommend watching it on 'On Demand'. There were so many times throughout the series where I wished that I was Rita, Lumen, or Hannah. I won't spoil anything but these is definitely a series worth getting into.

First off, you need to turn your dining area into Dexter's 'kill room'. Cover the walls with clear tablecloths (this might be a cheaper option to what he uses on the show). Then, hang photos of your guests that will be attending the dinner. It should look something like this.

Then cover your table with one of these blood-dripping tablecloths that can be found at your local party stores.
To set a darker mood, dim the lights and use these blood-dripping candles as décor.
For dinner, serve Dexter and Deb's favorite meal, steak and beer. If some of your guests don't drink beer, try these 'Bloody Shirley Temples' that can be spiked with some flavored vodka.

Desserts? Try these blood spatter candy apples and lollipops. They're a perfect way to end the night.

And you can count on me wearing these fabulous heels to host or attend a Dexter Dinner Party.
Let your 'Dark Passenger' devour the details when it comes to throwing this dinner party!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bachelor Bros & Burlesque Shows

So I was recently told that my posts are mainly geared towards women; with that in mind I decided to switch it up and put something together for the men that read my blog (though I don't think there are that many haha). And what's a better male celebrated event than a bachelor party? I plan on keeping it classy but maintaining the whole 'one last night of freedom' thing. Bros, this one's for you.

Strippers, party buses, booze, oh my.. How about giving something else a try?

Welcome to the world of burlesque. Sexy but classy, these ladies put on a pleasurable show with leaving a little something to the imagination. Now, burlesque shows can be found all over. I did a quick Google search and found a few in Boston and of course the more well-known Vegas acts.

Boston Babydolls and Rogue Burlesque are two of the groups that put on shows in Boston. Definitely something to look into if you're keeping your bachelor party local.

If you're looking to venture to Vegas, X Burlesque at The Flamingo is the place to go. Since the Peepshow has ended, this is the hottest new burlesque show on the strip. Tickets need to be purchased way in advance but it's worth it.

Now, for the other details..

I personally think it's classier to pull up to any of the burlesque venues and clubs/bars in a limo.

Lots of alcohol is definitely a requirement but I also think bottle service is a must for the after-party at a club or bar.

The Liberty Hotel is the perfect hotel to stay at in Boston for a bachelor party. It's classy but stylish and filled with young professionals almost every night of the week.

Palms Casino Resort is the ultimate 'What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas' hotel. With rooms like the Two Story Sky Villa, you can't go wrong (but you might be in debt after).

Bachelor bros, I'm hoping this post has given you some ideas to devour the details in a classier way that won't make your fiancé as mad. Enjoy your last night of freedom!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Poker Party

Over the weekend my friends and I had discussed taking another trip to Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun sometime soon. That got me thinking. Why not throw a poker party?

When researching event companies to find a job (that I still don't have), I came across the perfect business to hire for a casino party. Boston Charity Casinos adds fun and excitement to any charitable event as well as corporate and private parties. They provide everything from Blackjack and Texas Holdem to DJs and professional singers. Check out their website here:

Now, this can just be a small casual gathering at your home or at a hall if you choose to make it into a fundraiser, anniversary, or birthday party theme.

To put your own personal touches on the event/party, try some of these awesome design ideas I found on Pinterest.

This typical theme has a red and black color scheme that can be carried out in all of the details from décor to dessert.

For long-stemmed glasses (wine, martini, etc.), add these drink tags for a festive touch and personal detail.

If you want to satisfy those hungry gamblers with more than poker chips, try these BLT sliders. Perfect bite for your guests.

As a parting gift, give your party-goers something to remember the night by. These dice favor boxes are fun and fit the casino theme perfectly. They can be filled with red and black candies, poker chips, dice, a deck of cards and a cigar.



Surely these design ideas will get you a 'Big Win' among your guests and leave them wanting to devour the details at your next event.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Zombie Bash

Since I work for Mix 104.1 (I'm just a street teamer), I thought I'd give our sister station Amp 103.3 a shout out for their upcoming Halloween event. On Thursday, October 31st, yes Halloween, Amp will be hosting a 'Zombie Bash' at Faneuil Hall's The Wild Rover. If you're looking for a wild party to wear your awesome costumes to, this is the place to be. It starts at 7pm and Amp's radio personality Slater will be broadcasting live and giving away cash prizes for the wildest costumes. There will be a DJ playing today's hottest dance music on all three floors. Cover and drinks are inexpensive. Get a group of your wildest friends and let's pack this bar from wall to wall. Bonus points for anyone who finds me there and buys me a drink! Here are some pictures of the venue and Amp's radio personality Slater so you can get an idea of what the hosts look like. You can buy tickets in advance here:
Let's devour the details and get wild this Halloween!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Today was a rough day. I cringed all day long thinking about obtaining a full time job; a mission I've been on since January. Numerous e-mails, phone-calls, and interviews but nothing. Two degrees in the bag and I'm still making $10/hour. With loan bills continuously creeping up, I pondered why I even went to school at all. But then I remembered Misselwood. Probably one of the main reasons I stuck with the hospitality program at Endicott College.

Until I stepped foot onto campus, I swear I had never seen anything so nice in my life. Beautiful ocean views, amazing beaches, and historic architecture all in one place. Misselwood embodies some of my favorite college memories; service management, culinary, events management projects, Homecoming, senior week festivities, and so much more. The staff alone that has worked there and are still working there have given me some of the best advice I've ever received. I'm not sure I would've made it through college in the hospitality program without them.

Misselwood hosts many different types of events; corporate and social. Within Misselwood, you have Misselwood House, Misselwood Tent, and the Carriage House. However, most events are held in Misselwood Tent and Misselwood House. Misselwood House is home to the college's restaurant, La Chanterelle. It is open during the school year because it is a learning restaurant for students in the hospitality program. But anyways, back to the events at Misselwood. They are the epitome of beautiful and if you don't believe me, check it out yourself.

oceanfront ceremony
sunset tent

Thank you Misselwood for giving me the confidence and hunger to devour the details.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Being Unique

So for a quick blog on this Tuesday evening, I've decided to share some unique venues in Boston to host events. These are just some event spaces that I personally find intriguing. Enjoy!

First up, The State Room. With views overlooking the harbor and the rest of the city, there's nothing more breathtaking.

If you're looking for something out-of-the-box, the Museum of Fine Arts might satisfy your creative-hunger.

Next, Smith and Wollensky restaurant on Arlington Street. It is an old armory transformed into this beautiful and elegant event space.

Boston Public Library, an astonishing venue.


A short getaway to Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center might be just what you need for your next event.


Hope these unique venues spark your creativity and once chosen as your space, give you the opportunity to devour the details.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Wedding Fever

I feel like I'm at that age where all of my friends are either getting engaged and planning their weddings or are super, super single, like me. This makes me feel like a young Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex in the City episode "Bay of Married Pigs". Carrie contemplates whether there is a secret war going on between the singles and the married. Well, I can relate. Obviously I would love to be planning my own wedding but I also like to spend my weekends socializing, in a single-manner. So, I'll just blog some design ideas instead.

Inspired by another TV-show, Four Weddings on TLC, each bride had their very own New Orleans wedding. Here's a clip:

These design ideas can be found on Pinterest but make sure you include your own personal touches to make it your own.

Color scheme.. Mardi Gras.. Use this fun decorative mask to create your color scheme; purple, green, and gold.

This bride carried the color scheme into her beautiful bouquet.
Check out this Crystal Fleur de Lis, gold, green, and purple guest book! Great idea to have something with your theme that you can hang onto forever.
Wedding receptions are a beautiful place to really display your theme. Consider these purple floral arrangements and table-settings when designing your wedding. Also, for the outdoor lounge area, gold pillows can be used instead of the ones in the photo below.

If you're looking to create a reception that is a little more southern, this beautiful lighted table-setting is perfect.

What's a New Orleans wedding without a jazz band?


This beautiful bride pulls off the Mardi Gras purple theme with this layered-ombre gown and feathered umbrella. Absolutely stunning.

I hope these design ideas were able to give you a craving to devour the details when planning your wedding.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Paint Bar Party

The newest "Girls Night Out" trend is to attend a paint bar but.... why not host your own?

The Artist Bar is a company that will come to your home and setup the art lesson the same as if you were to attend one of the paint bars. Check out their website here to see what they're all about:

Another option is just to put the paint lesson together yourself. There are many tutorials and paint demonstrations on YouTube that can be used, just like this one:

Now, onto the details to make this a memorable party..

First, make sure you setup a bar; beer and wine should do the trick. Get creative with it. Take large empty paint canisters, fill them with ice, and chill your white wines and beer in them. Stack extra canvases to create height on the bar for glasses and red wines to sit on. Incorporate vases  or smaller paint canisters to hold paint brush bouquets. Try to be as colorful as possible or stick with a black and white scheme.

For some sweet treats while you're painting, fill glass paint canisters with assorted colors of your favorite candies. Add these paint brush tags to label the candies.
Lastly, these cute paint brush inspired, chocolate drizzled rice krispie treats, can be used as favors for your guests to take home and enjoy later. Something to remind them of the fabulous night they had along with their painting.
Get creative with these fun tips and keep devouring those details!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brew Up Some Love

What's a great way to impress your significant other? How about taking them on a fairytale date in your own backyard and living room. Tea, macaroons, flowers, and tipis. Have you ever seen anything so romantic?

Table for two? Yes please! Bring out the fairytale element with this simple color palette that will flow throughout the entire date.

Keep the pastels going with the tea kettle and cups. Nothing sweeter than this arrangement.

In addition, these cute marshmallows dipped to look like cupcakes could be used to sweeten the tea. I would even consider changing the marshmallows to sugar cubes and make these tea-stirrers.

After your relaxing cup of tea, take it inside to this cozy tipi setup for some snuggling.
I hope this post gives you the ability to devour the details on your next date!