Thursday, October 19, 2017

35th Annual Essex ClamFest

Don't clam up! You can still get your last taste of summer in at the 35th Annual Essex ClamFest this Sunday, October 22nd. The Essex Division of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce will sponsor the 35th Annual Essex ClamFest again this year in Memorial Park in Essex from 11-4PM. Essex, Massachusetts offers one-of-a-kind festivals and events for residents and visitors of all ages. In this unique New England setting, discover all that Essex has to offer while attending this fun festival!

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The highlight of the day will be the Clam Chowder Tasting, a competition that pits area restaurants against one another to determine who serves the best clam chowder on Cape Ann. Local restaurants are expected to serve up their favorite chowder recipes starting at noon and ending at about 2PM. Judges of the chowder competition will be announced prior to the event. The public will also have the opportunity to sample and vote on their favorite chowder!

In addition to the endless chowder, you'll find an interesting variety of activities including an arts and crafts area and vendors providing other fabulous food (and fun)! Join the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce for entertainment throughout the afternoon and visit the Lions Club food pavilion or the many organization, church, and non-profit tables. The crafts area will be open to the public starting at 11AM. Stop by and listen to some live music while getting the last taste of summer seaside!

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Come enjoy a clamming good time at the 35th Annual Essex ClamFest and devour the details of some of Cape Ann's best chowder all day long!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wedding Wednesdays: Pineing for You

We've never seen a fruit trend catch on as quickly as that of the pineapple. From home decor to children's clothing, you won't have a hard time coming across this sweet treat in its many variations. But did you know the significance of a pineapple? Its true meaning? A pineapple is the international sign of hospitality - a traditional expression of welcome. So it's kind of the perfect symbol to incorporate into your wedding.

Think about it! You're bringing family and friends together to celebrate a momentous occasion while catering to their needs (and yours too of course). What could be more hospitable? But let's not forget that it works as a symbol of love as well. A play on words but throughout your relationship you've been pineing for one another. Pine-ing... pine-apple... the perfect symbol of love and welcome for your wedding day. Here are 5 ways to incorporate this tremendous trend!

Groomsmen Attire

Hawaiian PINEAPPLE Cuff links Gold Cufflinks by NeatstuffAntiques9 Sunset Wedding on Hawaii @weddingchicks

From their cuff links to their socks, this is the perfect way to put a pineapple on display!


Gold Pineapple Wax Seal --- a MUST DO for my pineapple/tropical themed wedding!

Skip sealing with a kiss and go straight for this sensational wax pineapple seal. An elegant touch of your theme!

Significant Centerpieces

Photography: Michelle Lange -   Read More on SMP: pineapple vase is the perfect table centrepiece for a summers wedding.

From painted to handmade vases, these pineapples will surely be the center of attention!

Placecard Holders

pineapple wedding ideas - photo by Chloe Murdoch Photography

Welcome guests with these adorable pineapple placecard holders. The perfect token of welcome to take home with them.

Food and Drink

Gold Pineapple CakeYummy pineapple water for a Hawaiian destination wedding: | Photography: Heather Cook Elliott -

Since it is a fruit, there are so many ways to incorporate pineapple into your food and drink. This adorable cake and refreshing water are just two ways that peaked our interest!

Now we're pineing for pineapples! Get inspired and devour the details of this trendy fruit as a symbol of your love and hospitality on your wedding day!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Palm Read Like A Pro

Instead of hosting a standard Halloween party with costumes and candy, kick it up a notch with some good old fashioned hocus pocus! What are we talking about exactly? The spiritual-side of spooky. Tell your friends to leave their monster masks and cat claws at home, they'll only be needing their palms for this party!

As told by Allison from Team LC of, here are a palm reading is simply a reading of what’s happening now, and predictions for your future if you choose stay on this track. Keeping that in mind can help you relax about what a palmist will see or what you will learn about yourself if you read your own palm. And staying relaxed during your experience will make it much more enjoyable.

In this guide to palm reading, Allison shares the five main lines you can look at on your own hand or your friends hand if you want to try palm reading for yourself. So let’s begin! To see your lines clearly as you begin, cup your hand and put under bright light and shift it around from side to side. Ready? Let the fun begin!

the smart girl's guide to palm reading

1. Life Line
Your life line is one of the easiest lines to spot right away. This line starts at the base of your palm and arcs upward circling the ball of your thumb, ending between your thumb and forefinger. Contrary to popular belief, your lifeline actually doesn’t determine how long you will live. Your life line will tell you more about your general well being and your passion for life. This line will also indicate major changes in your life, like moving cities or major physical and emotional events. If your life line is long and unbroken, you are a solid, dependable person who people can rely on. A long, strong unbroken life life also indicated the inheritance of strong, healthy genes. A life line that is pretty straight, without any curve, means that you are cautious when it comes to relationships, and could benefit from instilling more trust in others.

2. Head Line
The head line starts on the outside of your palm, on the side between the crease of your thumb and index finger, and ends in the center of your palm. This line represents your learning style, how well you communicate, and your desire for knowledge. A curved head line indicates creativity, spontaneity, and artistic ability, whereas a straight line represents a more logical, practical and structured approach to learning. A short head line might mean that physical achievements are super important to you—you might have interest in being an athlete or a dancer. A sloped, curved line that connects with the life line represents creativity. A line that does not touch your life line represents an adventurous person. And a deep head line represents being clear, focused and wise—you might be someone who is good at giving advice and should offer it more often. And a straight head line represents someone who is realistic and analytical—you’re a clear thinking and you always think things through.

3. Heart line
The heart line is the line that runs below the base of your fingers and ends at either your middle or index finger. This line will tell you about your emotional stability, romantic life, state of happiness, and the health of your heart. If you have a long, straight heart line that ends under your index finger, you’re a rational thinker with a generally content love life. If you have a short, straight heart line, you value your sense of independence when it comes to relationships and show your love through actions rather than words. If your heart line ends under your middle finger, you are a romantic and fall in love easily. If you have a long, curved heart line that arches up toward your middle finger, you are passionate and freely express yourself and your romantic desires. A short curved line, however, means you are more private about your romantic endeavors. A straight, parallel heart line means you are level headed and realistic about relationships. A broken heart line or a heart line that has other small lines crossing through it may indicate heartbreak or emotional trauma. And a break in your life line indicates that you might have a big change in lifestyle in your future—whether that means moving cities, changing career, changing relationships, or all of the above.

4. Fate Line
The fate line is a vertical line that runs straight up the middle of your palm, from the base towards your middle finger. This line represents how strongly your life will be controlled by your destiny—in other words, how closely you will follow a certain path in life. It can also be called the career line because it indicates your interests and how your career might follow or veer from those interests as you develop. A deep fate line indicates a life that will follow a strong path determined by destiny, which means you might have a strong desire to pursue one career and find success in doing so. This might mean you have a strong ability to start your own business. If your fate line begins joined to your life line, it means you have had a strong path from birth, and that you will continue to follow your interests and possibly pursue a very successful career based on those early interests. You are self-made and have big aspirations early on. If your fate line has a break at one point then continues on, it means you will have a change of career and then continue on with a different career path. Several intermittent breaks mean you will have twists and turns in your career. Don’t have a fate line? Don’t worry—it doesn’t mean you don’t have a career. Absence of a fate line means you might change your career often, or have many different interests you pursue throughout your life.

5. Sun Line
This line, also known as your Apollo line, indicates your talent, popularity and success. It is also called the line of success for that reason. Having a deep sun line means you will be very successful and that may even gain fame through your success. A faint sun line means you are refining your skills and will work hard for the success you want in career and marriage. A very clear sun line indicates good taste in art and literature. A sun line that breaks then resumes its course may mean that you will have great success and recognition after overcoming past experiences. If your sun line is parallel to your fate line, it is a very good sign and means that you could gain huge success and gain a great reputation throughout your life. If you have an absent or short sun line, it means you are a hard worker, but should stop and enjoy life every once in a while to take some time for yourself.

Pretty interesting stuff, right? Remember that none of this is based on science, just interpretation from palmists. So don’t take any of it too seriously! It’s meant to be fun and interesting. If you are interested in diving really deep into more palm reading, this website is a great source for learning about the intricacies of your lines, and other meanings of your hands and fingers. Palm read like a pro this Halloween and devour the details of some serious hocus pocus with your favorite friends!