Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Restock and Shop for Summer with these Bargain Buys

At the start of each summer it is always good to go through whatever you have left from the year before to make sure you restock for the upcoming warmer days. We've made a list of our eight essentials that will get you through and keep you cool over the next few months. And don't worry, we've done our research. Bargain buys only!



Feel good this summer and protect yourself from the harsh effects of the sun with this Aveeno Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30, available for $7.97 at Walmart.

A Weekender Bag


This ultra lightweight nylon canvas backpack with snap closure leather flap makes for the perfect weekend getaway bag. Available in an assortment of colors, the Le Pliage Backpack can be purchased for $125 at Longchamp.


Exclusive Jacks Sandal
Comfortable and classic, these flip-flops can be worn whether you dress-up or dress-down. Jack Rogers is having a sale and you can get this pair for just $79.

A Good Book


We're reading this one ourselves and it is the perfect beach read! Get it on Amazon today for just $5.84. Trust us, once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down!

Beach Towel


Anchors away, this nautical IZOD beach towel is available for $14.99 on Wayfair.

A New Water Bottle


S'well bottles are composed of non-leaching and non-toxic 18/8 stainless steel, that keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, while giving back to those in need. Get one today for $35 and contribute to support UNICEF's clean water initiatives.



This ruffled bikini, part of the Victoria Secret 40% off sale, comes to a total of $36, making it a steal. We love the color of it too! Very mermaid-esque.

A Cute Cover-Up


Nothing says summer more than a cute pineapple cover-up! Make a splash with this beachy dress for just $14.99 at Target!

We hope this has prepared you enough to devour the details as you restock and shop for summer with these bargain buys!

Monday Mashups: An Experience Unlike Any Other

When you think of France, you think of iconic Paris monuments, and when you think of iconic Paris monuments, you'd be crazy not to mention the Eiffel Tower. A structure that as many as 32,000 people visit in peak tourist season. Just imagine the views as you make your way to the very top. Now imagine having the chance to stay inside the 1,050-foot tower for a night. That's right. A few lucky people out there will now have the opportunity to stay inside the Eiffel Tower on their next Parisian adventure, for one night only, thanks to vacation rental home company HomeAway and Saatchi & Saatchi London and Paris.


All you need to do to enter is answer, in 140 characters or less, what you would do in the majestic apartment space if you had it all to yourself for one night. This is truly a money can't buy opportunity. An experience unlike any other that you have to win to get in. HomeAway created the "Eiffel Tower All Yours" campaign as part of the brand's sponsorship of the UEFA EURO 2016 tournament, which will be held this summer in 10 locations across France, including Paris. The temporary apartment, created in partnership with French interior designer Benoit Leleu, holds up to six people for one night and includes dinner and breakfast inside the apartment and airfare courtesy of Expedia.


Only four groups of six will have a shot to stay in the location, with the competition taking place June 23, June 28, July 4 and July 8. Football fans in town for the tournament can stay the night and watch the soccer matches from a high-tech TV viewing room inside the Eiffel Tower while taking in the breathtaking Parisian skyline during halftime. Winners will also be treated to three additional nights in the City of Light. That way you can actually make a vacation out of the experience.


"Eiffel Tower All Yours" is an extension of the brand's "It's Your Vacation, Why Share It?" campaign. The latest idea didn't come without its challenges. Both Saatchi offices and HomeAway needed to work with the city of Paris in order to construct the space inside the historic monument. As you can imagine, wanting to turn a historic monument into the feature of a marketing campaign isn't easy. HomeAway has been working very closely with the city of Paris on permissions.


Images of the final apartment of course haven't been released yet. They're hoping the full interior will be revealed sometime in June, just in time for the contest. HomeAway has a mock up of the space, showing a few nice seating areas and a foosball table to get you in the EURO 2016 spirit. Enter to win this experience unlike any other and devour the details of your stay at the Eiffel Tower during the UEFA EURO 2016 tournament!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Great New Restaurant in Littleton

Since last summer, my boyfriend and I have been doing some occasional grocery shopping at the Market Basket in Littleton. It's fairly new and the closest MB to where he lives in Acton. We knew that they were developing that area more with some shops and restaurants. So when Chris asked me if I wanted to try one of them last night for dinner, I was thrilled. We hadn't been over there in sometime so when we pulled up, we were impressed with the progress they made. Chris suggested Great Road Kitchen: Oyster Bar and Grill which sounded perfect to me!

We park and start walking towards the restaurant. It looks fairly small from the outside but they have a great outdoor dining space (which was packed because it was such a nice day yesterday). We walk in and it is a lot bigger than I anticipated. High ceilings with exposed pipes and support beams gave it a modern/industrial feel but the décor was a little rustic yet upscale. My favorite part was their refurbished church pew booths. The front of the house staff wore white button-downs whereas the back of the house staff wore New England sports teams' t-shirts. I loved the combination of traditional and playful uniforms. You still got the feel of being at a finer-dining establishment with the comfort you would get at a little whole-in-the-wall joint in your neighborhood.

So we're seated and start looking over the menu. Everything looks great! Glasses of wine are priced a little high (pinot noirs were $12 and $13). I tried the Kaiken Malbec for $9 which was pretty good! Chris got the Skyfall Cab which was also really tasty. I ended up with two glasses of wine because my drink order got mixed up the first time. Our server was really great about the whole situation. We really enjoyed chatting with her! Chris and I started with a Caesar salad of course.

It was beautifully presented. The Chef had laid out pieces of romaine from smallest to largest, giving it a cascading look. It was delicious! For entrees, I ordered the seared rare tuna (I'd been craving tuna all week) and Chris ordered the Baja fish tacos. My dish consisted of a wasabi pea crusted seared tuna, crispy shitake mushroom strings, and a soy sesame sticky rice roll with spicy mayo. It was ah-maz-ing. I could've eaten two platefuls. It really satisfied my craving!

Visually stunning, it was also beautifully plated. Their chefs obviously have great technique! Chris's Baja fish tacos consisted of pieces of lightly fried cod, cole slaw, micro-greens, and a hardy helping of guac on a grilled corn tortilla with a side of grilled Mexican street corn. Yummm. Just thinking about it right now makes me hungry!

And just so you can get a better angle of the street corn and its buttery-cotija cheese goodness...

So now that I've given a little recap of our experience, here's a little more about Great Road Kitchen. Great Road Kitchen is definitely more than just an Oyster Bar. Acclaimed Chef Chris Frothingham brings approachable yet sophisticated American Cuisine to Littleton with his menu offerings. Hand made pasta, local catch, quality meats and chops, options for everyone. Similar to his highly reviewed menu at sister restaurant Vine Brook Tavern, GRK has more of a concentration on fresh local sea food. And they deliver on this promise!

They have a great bar area, a tournament shuffle board table, several TV’s to watch big games on and did I mention that they have a serious beer, wine and mixology program? Marcus Palmer, house mixologist, offers one of the best wine by the glass programs anywhere in the state along with an affordable wine list (sorry that I thought the pinot noirs were a little high)! He pairs that with a large selection of craft beers and inventive cocktails, making an urban bar scene come to life in a suburban setting!

Great Road Kitchen offers space in their private dining room or wine room that can be used for dinner or your next cocktail party! As I mentioned, they have an outdoor patio and bar with its own TV, adjacent to the outdoor fire pits and they are the only restaurant to have a view of the outdoor movie screen (apparently that is something offered in the development)! Overall, Great Road Kitchen: Oyster Bar and Grill is a must try if you're ever in the area. We loved it!

Kudos to Chef Chris Frothingham, House Mixologist Marcus Palmer, and the rest of the GRK staff for devouring the details of a great new restaurant in Littleton, MA. We can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: Six Tasty Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Reception

Summer is almost upon us! Just three weeks and five days away to be exact, but who's counting?! We're ready to keep our cool this wedding season as we see the ice cream at receptions trend grow. How will you serve this tasty treat? Here are six fun ways that will do the trick!

On a Tray

Vanilla ice cream cone dessert tray

Perfect for people to grab and go as they boogie down on the dance floor!

As a Cookie Sandwich

Ice cream sandwich desserts

Because the best way to enjoy ice cream is between two soft chocolate chip cookies!

In a Cocktail

Sorbet and mint in signature wedding drink

Make that cocktail extra cold by adding a scoop of ice cream.

Accompanying a Fruit


This would be a perfect treat for a tropical destination wedding! Incorporating fresh fruit from the area is a brilliant idea and an added personal touch your guests will love.

In a Doughnut (yes you read that right)

What happens when you cross a doughnut with an ice cream cone? You get these beautiful creations.:

One of the newest ice cream trends! Serve this frozen treat up in a doughnut shaped cone. It might put your guests in a food coma but it might also give them a much needed sugar rush!

From an Ice Cream Stand

Brides: 6 Cool Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Summer Wedding:

Picture perfect! This can either be done as a self-serve toppings bar or you could actually have someone serve your guests. Either way it's a really cute idea for an outdoor reception!

We're always looking for additional ways to be creative when it comes to serving up some love at your reception, so let us know what you did or plan on doing! Devour the details of these ice cream trends and stay cool this summer!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Havaianas: A Real Tree-at for Your Feet

Brazilian flip-flop brand Havaianas is getting a lot of attention in the media for a recent event they threw in New York City to celebrate the beginning of summer. If you're like me and didn't know what Havaianas were, here's a brief background. The first pair of Havaianas (Portuguese for Hawaiians) was born in in Brazil in 1962, based on the traditional Japanese sandal known as the Zori, whose soles are made of rice straw. The texture of Havaianas’ rubber soles are similar to that of rice grains, one of the many details that make them unmistakable. By 1980, millions of pairs of Havaianas were sold each year and became a basic necessity for all Brazilians due to their quality and comfort.

Havaianas History from 1962

In 1998, Havaianas began crossing over to different countries, becoming well-known internationally. Soon they were featured in runway shows and were even branded as a sponsor of the '98 World Cup. Nowadays, they can be found in more than 60 countries. Recently, they pulled together a clever activation in Manhattan to kick-off the warmer weather. To get New Yorkers into the summer holiday spirit—and to turn the city into an actual urban jungle for a few hours—they riffed off the Christmas tree lot concept by staging a palm tree lot in Manhattan.

<p> The palm tree lot came to the corner of 18th Street and 7th Avenue on May 17.</p>

This pop-up lot, which came to 18th Street and 7th Avenue on May 17, offered city dwellers free palm trees to take home! Passersby could take home a free tree after they took a photo of the lot, shared it on social media, tagged Havaianas, and used the brand's official hashtag, #InstantJoy. How fun and easy is that? We would love a free palm tree!

Havaianas History from 2009

More than 100 palm trees, which ranged from tabletop size to 12 feet, were delivered from South Florida for the activation. Produced by experiential agency Bait Shoppe, the set up also promoted Havaianas with colorful branded pots and a red wall of hanging flip-flops that faced 7th Avenue.
Going along with the summer theme, the activation featured two “shirtless beach bum” models aka some eye candy, who posed for photos and helped passersby pick out trees and hail taxis for home or office delivery. All and all bringing a sense of Brazil to the city!

Havaianas History from 2008

We can't get enough of this uniquely branded concept. Havaianas has always known how to standout among competitors which is evident in the history of their success but it's clear they also know how to devour the details of a super creative marketing event. Now let's go out and get some Havaianas!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Mashups: 5 Boozy Memorial Day Desserts

Memorial Day is right around the corner! We hope this holiday kicks of summer by turning up the heat and bringing some sun this weekend. If you're planning a get together, we recommend keeping the desserts light and refreshing. Check out our five boozy favorites below that will fill you up just enough and keep you comfortable in 80 degree weather!

Boozy Bourbon Cherries

Bourbon Cherries Recipe - RecipeGirl:

Easy to make, these cherries are perfect for snacking. You can't just stop after one! Try this recipe out. Your guests won't get enough of them!

Boozy Pina Colada Kebobs

Delish - Booze-Infused Fruit - Pina Colada Kabobs to Try  - Delish.com:

If you like pina coladas...you'll love these treats! These pineapple chunks dipped in coconut shavings are just as delicious as they are refreshing. Make this recipe and stay cool on Memorial Day!

Boozy Watermelon Margarita and Blueberry Mojito Popsicles

Unwind this summer with Watermelon Lemonade Margarita Popsicles! Recipe for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic pops included.: Get your booze on with these thirst-quenching Blueberry Mojito Popsicles!:

Each of these frozen treats will be a hit amongst your guests. Even thought they're mimicking some of our favorite adult beverages, these popsicles will have you feeling like a kid again. Watermelon Margarita and Blueberry Mojito, a delicious combination, try these recipes out!

Boozy Sweet Tea Cupcakes

Sweet Tea Vodka Cupcakes -- This Firefly vodka cupcake recipe makes the perfect summer treat | wearenotmartha.com:

Sweet Tea is already amazing but you can't go wrong with incorporating some vodka and turning it into a cupcake! This will definitely be a favorite dessert of yours guests. Learn how to whip up this recipe!

Boozy Beer Float

Boozy Biscoff Beer Floats

Since you already have a large amount of beer on-hand, this fun treat will be inexpensive and so easy to create. Pick your favorite beer and an ice cream that pairs well and viola! Your guests will want this every time they come over. Read more about this recipe here.

Get ready for Memorial Day and beat the heat with these tasty treats. We can't wait to try them ourselves and devour the details of a delicious, long weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hoppy HarpoonFest 2016!

In light of HarpoonFest this weekend (first one I will ever have the pleasure of attending), I thought it would be nice to introduce you all to Harpoon Brewery and how they got started. The idea was formulated in 1986 by Dan Kenary, Rich Doyle, and George Ligeti. They were three friends who loved beer and loved drinking beer together but found the beer choices at the time to be limited. Traveling through Europe and experiencing the rich traditions of European brewing and beer drinking enhanced their love of beer and opened their eyes to the rich beer culture they wanted back home. They decided to build a brewery so that they could brew the beers that they wanted to drink, and invite their friends to the brewery to drink it with them. And just like that, Harpoon Brewery was born!


Located right in the Seaport District of Boston, Harpoon Brewery opened in 1987. The brewery itself started as an empty warehouse; home to where the first Harpoon ale was created. Since, Harpoon has grown into a beautiful waterfront brewery and beer hall, where people can gather for samplings, snack on some freshly baked pretzels, and tour the facility. You can take a little piece of Harpoon heaven home with you by visiting their brewery store which offers a variety of merchandise and growler fills. Harpoon also has a second brewery in Windsor, VT that you can visit if you're ever on a brewery road trip through that hoppy state (we've done it and it was amazing). With all they have accomplished, it was only right to start holding a variety of events to celebrate their love of beer; HarpoonFest, Harpoon Octoberfest, Harpoon 5-Miler, and Harpoon BBQ Festival, just to name a few.


Each year the Boston brewery throws a big kick-off of summer bash called HarpoonFest. A large tent is setup outside the facility for people to gather and enjoy the weather, and the beer, perfect for this time of year. Entrance into the festival is $25 and includes a souvenir pint glass and your first beer. This year they have a number of their beverages on tap including: Harpoon IPA, Take 5,  Sweet Spot, Camp Wannamango, Harpoon Cider, Harpoon Hibiscus Cider, UFO White, and UFO Big Squeeze. The brewery offers free tours every hour during HarpoonFest. You are required to sign up at the Brewers Tent in order to participate. You can count on us touring it! Harpoon will also host a number of food trucks at the festival including: The Bacon Truck, Chubby Chickpea, Stoked Pizza, Moyzilla, Taco Party, Barracuda on the Fly, The Sausage Guy, Lucky’s, and of course The famous Harpoon Beer Hall Pretzels.


On top of all this wonderful hoppy goodness and delicious beer snacks, HarpoonFest will feature live music! And there won't just be one stage for performers. They're going all out with three complete stages where a number of bands will be cranking out the jams and have you on your feet all night long! We are looking forward to putting our dancing shoes to use. Our favorite part of the festival offerigs? The shuttle service Harpoon has from South Station to the brewery and back. This is a genius idea and definitely a great way to keep people safe. Here's the festival schedule if you plan on attending:

Fri, May 20, 2016 5:30pm - 11:00pm
Doors close: 9:30PM

Sat, May 21, 2016 1:00pm - 7:00pm
Doors close: 5:30PM

Tickets are sold at the door on a first come first serve basis. HarpoonFest takes place rain or shine because nothing is going to stop this "hop-pening" party. And if you really want a preview of what goes down, check out this awesome video the brewery put together!

I am so looking forward to attending tomorrow night's festivities; literally been waiting all week to sip on some Harpoon Hibiscus Cider! So if you see me in the crowd Friday, feel free to come by and cheers me as we devour the details of HarpoonFest 2016!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We just love this day of the week! Today, we wanted to take some time to pay homage to a spring and summer wedding gown trend that you will see all over Facebook and Instagram this year. We've done our research and selected our six favorites to share. Here are the best floral print gowns that steer clear of being prom-y and will make you happy to "wake up and smell the roses" on your wedding day!

Lace and Blues

20 Nontraditional wedding dresses for bride | Oddy Stuff:

The combination of the delicate lace with the pops of blue throughout the skirt make for a beautiful visual. Your eyes start at the bottom of the gown and move up to the lace and then of course to the gorgeous face of the bride-to-be. Perfect for an outdoor wedding. Couldn't be more stunning!

Embroider Me

If this was mint itd be my favorite nontraditional wedding dress by far.:

The floral pieces might be hard to see but this stunning sheer-like gown is trimmed at the bust with the most perfect embroidered flowers that really accentuate the bride's shape. We love how they're just enough to make this gown a fit for a spring or summer wedding. Gorgeous!

Rose or Rosé?

Floral reception dress:

This all over printed gown completes your Secret Garden wedding theme. We love the low-cut sort of scoop neck design of this dress as it elongates the bride's body, making her appear a bit taller. The full skirt and train are a picture perfect addition for your wedding photos. Seriously, how beautiful?!

Fit and Floral

Dieses Modell aus Seide in Offwhite: | 38 wunderschöne Ideen für moderne Hochzeitskleider:

A perfect print for a wedding gown, the up and down lines on this dress work like stripes, again creating an elongated look for the bride-to-be. This fitted floral gown with sleeves is a great choice for an early spring wedding. We love the variation in color and how the actual floral arrangements accentuate the bride's dress! Lovely!

Color and Jewels

Temperley London floral wedding dress:

Just gorgeous. This wow-factor of a gown has it all! From the bejeweled neckline to the print and fit, this little number will outshine any other dress at the wedding (as it should). We love the neutral color chosen for the gown as it really makes the florals in the print pop. Outstanding!

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

This nontraditional wedding dress is beautiful.:

But we all know, of course he loves you! This stunning gown reminds us of picking daises but your guests won't be thinking about anything other than how beautiful you are. The neutral shades of the floral print make for a more natural look and don't overpower the dress itself. We love it!

If your wedding date is set for the spring or summer, consider stepping outside of the box and trying out some floral print gowns. Your dress will surely be a standout and we know you've got all the bridal power and knowledge to devour the details of this trend without getting too prom-y. So say yes to the dress already!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Women Who Whiskey

I myself do not drink whiskey all the time but on occasion, it makes for a delightful cocktail. Here at Devour the Details we do not discriminate against any type of adult beverage. We like to share the stiff drink spotlight with as many libations as possible! So when we came across an organization called Women Who Whiskey, we knew we had to feature their story. Without further adieu, cheers to you, whiskey!


Women Who Whiskey is an experimental whiskey club for women. Both for amateurs and connoisseurs, Women Who Whiskey gives members the opportunity to learn about varieties of whiskeys and cocktail culture, and to join a network of like-minded women with a taste for curiosity and strong drinks. They host events in different venues around their chapter cities (D.C., L.A., Miami and Boston to name a few), where members can try new spirits, discuss mixology with seasoned bartenders, and enjoy the company of other whiskey-loving ladies.


You have to be 21 to join but other than that, there are no stipulations on becoming a Women Who Whiskey member. One of the things that makes Women Who Whiskey special is that it's for everyone. As long as you're interested in whiskey and you're a woman, you're in. You don't even need to love whiskey yet, as long as you're open minded about trying it. There's no formal membership, no fees, and no mandatory attendance. Sometimes events will be more focused--maybe a curated tasting or a History of Scotch class--but often it'll just be a few ladies unwinding after a hard week with a stiff drink. What ties it together is the social factor, and women getting comfortable in an area traditionally dominated by men.


But don't worry fellas, on occasion the ladies invite the gents to special "mixed company" events throughout the year. The "Gentlemen Edition" events, in which the ladies can invite guy friends and significant others to join, do happen regularly. Not only does this inject a little variety into the Women Who Whiskey events, but it also works toward growing the space for women in the "man's world" of whiskey. By socializing and drinking whiskey together, they're normalizing it as something that's a matter of taste more than a matter of gender. A perfect way to share the love of a staple spirit.


Another misconception about this spirit is that it is a winter drink. Well, Women Who Whiskey are here to show you otherwise! The have a lovely event coming up tomorrow, May 18th at Hops N Scotch in Cambridge where attendees will learn how to pair the right whiskey with your favorite raw bar selections, just in time for summer. We love this idea! The ticket price of $33 includes the raw bar and whiskey tasting. These whiskeys have been selected based on their "terroir" bringing together the brininess and saltiness of the whiskey flavors with the brininess and saltiness of the ocean. Tough to pair but they'll show you how its done. Get your ticket today!


There's a lot to learn about this particular spirit and with the help of Women Who Whiskey, we can concur the world of whiskey, one stiff drink at a time! We can't wait to devour the details of some whiskey and oysters this summer!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Mashups: The Art of Hummus

Hummus and I have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I really love it and sometimes it just does not seem appealing. But I digress because there is a large number of hummus supporters in this world, so much so that there is a day each year where this chickpea treat is recognized nationally. Yes, that's correct. There is an official National Hummus Day on May 13 of every year. Mark youe 2017 calendars! To celebrate this flavorful creamy creation this year, Sabra Dipping Company (a leader in the hummus market), partnered with Emilie Baltz, an experiential artist and designer, to present Traces: The Unofficial Meal--an interactive eating experience featuring, that's right you guessed it, hummus and art. We like to call this, the Art of Hummus!

<p> Experiential artist Emilie Baltz provided participants with ingredients and guided them through the process of making their own art...

The experience and design event, which took place at ArtBeam gallery and was part of New York's citywide NYCxDesign, an annual celebration of global design, had many hummus supporters in attendance. Designers, media, and the public were invited to participate in the “eatstallation", in which Ms. Baltz presented various ingredients—including hummus, pita, veggies, and condiments (all of our favorites)—in an artistic presentation on tables in a pop-up kitchen setting. Participants were then encouraged to use their hands to create abstract “paintings” with the ingredients and eat throughout the process. In this case, playing with your food is totally allowed and encouraged. Just think of it as edible art!


Eugenio Perrier, chief marketing officer at Sabra, said the brand partnered with Ms. Baltz because it was attracted to her installation idea of combining art with food. Making it a perfect event to share for a #MondayMashup! The activation, which was filmed in 360-degree video, also served as an extension of the brand's new Unofficial Meal campaign; getting people to eat more hummus! The purpose of the campaign is about bringing people together in a simple and compelling way around the table. Hummus is one of those few foods where people are eating with their own hands from the same bowl. Sabra feels like this needs to be done more often and as a way to cherish time well spent together. They believe that partnering with this installation Ms. Baltz was a perfect way to bring this experience and emotion they're trying to convey with their brand to life.


This is also the first time Sabra has activated in an artistic way. Hummus is a very flexible and versatile product. It's suitable to blend with different spices and flavors, and incorporating this art experience was a great way to have fun with the product. It really worked in their favor! In addition to the installation, Sabra also created social media buzz and gave out coupons and recipes to consumers for National Hummus Day. Delicious!


We hope to see Sabra continue to grow and utilize more of their creativity in the realm of art. Now join us as we devour the details of a container full of hummus!