Monday, March 31, 2014

Party Plan For Less

We all love a good party! But nowadays a lot more goes into planning than just time. Usually it costs a lot of money to get the quality items you want, but that doesn't have to be the case for you. In a blog posted by Kate from Sweet Rose Studio, some money saving tips and tricks are shared for all the planners out there.

Here are her top 10 helpful hints:

1. DIY like it's your job.
2. Get to cookin'. And bakin'. And cookin' some more.
3. Printables POP!
4. Bargain hunt like your life depends on it.
5. Don't be afraid to do the dirty work.
6. Being a hoarder isn't a bad thing.
7. Consider white serving dishes an investment in the future.
8. The early bird saves the moola.
9. Keep it simple sweetheart.
10. It's a party, not your yearly exam; have fun!

These might sound a little odd but everyone could surely use the advice given behind these top 10 tips and tricks. For a better idea of what Kate is really trying to say, read more here:

And be sure to devour the money saving details when planning your next party!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

How Sweet It Is..

To be loved by you! This is a brief post with some candy bar setup ideas. These ideas are geared towards the color blue because it goes with my friend's wedding shower theme; so grab a treat because love is sweet!

Some of the things you want to focus on when creating your candy bar are variation in height and color and use of different types of jars/vases. Don't overdo it with the amount of candy. Keep it simple, something that adds to your shower, not distracts your guests!

Check out these awesome examples!

Devour the details and some sweet treats, all in the name of love!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Moving' On Up!

Moving somewhere new? What a great excuse to have a party, a Housewarming Party! There are so many things you can do for this. Whatever apps and drinks you think your guests will like can be served and you can make the decorations fit with the different schemes of your new place. It's also just nice to fill your home with family and friends!

This is a perfect way to setup your appetizers and desserts. Simple and home sweet home!

I love love love this idea. Wrap boxes of wine to look like moving boxes! Perfect for a housewarming party.

Here are two great party favors for your guest. Can't go wrong with chocolate keys and Yankee Candles!

So many ways to devour the details when showing off your new place, be sure to make it your own (just like your home)!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's In Season?

Here's a great chart explaining what flowers are in season when you're planning on having your wedding. I love Dhalias so I'm glad they're in-season around the time I'd want to get married! Does your favorite flower match up with your expected wedding date? Find out now!

There are so many arrangements that can be done with in-season flowers. Consider size and your wedding theme, as well as the information above, when choosing what you want. From bouquet to center pieces, there are so many elements that go into the floral design; don't get stuck wanting to use flowers that are out-of-season.

Check in with the season before you pick your flowers and keep devouring the details!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Yeehaw, It's A Party!

Since I missed a post on Thursday, I thought I would post two today! This is just a short one if you're looking to host a cowboy themed party. There's nothing like the Old West and a pair of new boots to get ya celebrating. So saddle up and get to planning!

Here are some décor and tablescape ideas. The cow print cups are too cute!

Donut holes and gritz are fun hors d'ouvre ideas. I recommend doing pulled pork sliders and some cornbread at the party!

These Wild West inspired knapsacks are perfect. Instead of juice boxes I would use mason jars filled with your drink of choice.

How cute are these party favors? I love how they incorporate horseshoes and bandanas.

Lasso a memorable party and keep devouring the details!

Fever Pitch

It's back.... Wedding fever that is! Just in time for Spring, celebrate your engagement with a baseball themed party. Sorry, this is also going to be a mediocre post. Apparently, my laptop had one of the worst viruses anyone has ever seen. But anyways, hit a home run with this theme and have your guests cheering for more!

Cute engagement photo idea!

Awesome 'Save the Date' idea, after all, he is your perfect catch.

Who's ready for a ball game? Use what you would find at a game and incorporate it into your décor. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

via Amy Stanton

Don't forget the concession stand.

Here's a unique way to pass hors d'oeuvres, just like at a ball game. Get your hotdogs here!

Some additional food ideas to fill up your concession stand or to use to bring out more of the theme. Can't go wrong with Big League Chew and baseball favors!

Slide into home with an awesome display of photobooth props that will make the day memorable for your guests.

Pitch a perfect game with this theme and devour your wedding fever details!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Splish Splash!

Still waiting on my laptop so I apologize for another brief and unformated post. Here are some fun ideas for a summer pool party!

These are by far the cutest invitations I've ever seen.

Check out this unique way to keep your frozen goods or drinks cold during the summer heat.

How can your pool party theme carry into your food display? Try using beach pails as bowls for chips and snacks. These awesome finger sandwiches shaped as flip flops would be perfect for this kind of party. Beachball cupcakes are a really great way to tie in the theme as well.

Giving out goggles, flip flops, and fun water bottles are perfect summer party favors. This display is a great way to show off your pool party theme as well!

Beat the heat and devour the details!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Makes A Conference, A Conference?

"The idea was, if you got a group of smart, engaged individuals together in the right space that great things would happen, even in the absence of a conference structure," cofounder of YxYY, Ann Larie Valentine, tells Mashable in an article about finding a way to love conferences again. Not a bad way to transform conferences, in my opinion. Lose the stress of structure and give your attendees a whole new perspective!

In 2009 Valentine and fellow cofounders Hillary Hartley, Amy Muller, Willo O'Brien and Deb Schultz decided to launch YxYY, after a particularly stressful and time consuming SXSW experience in Austin, Texas. They found themselves completely tied up with no time for each other and that their stress started before the conference; perfecting their agendas and packing in as much as possible, to maximize their time in Texas. And that's how YxYY was born.

The No. 1 rule of YxYY (pronounced "Yes and Yes Yes") is to attend the conference with no schedules or expectations whatsoever. New to the scene but going on their second year, YxYY attendees will meet in Palm Springs, California. It's a four-day gathering for "thinkers, futurists, nerds and weirdos," designed to foster informal bonding and intelligent dialogue. The topics vary and can relate to really just about anything.

But what really makes this conference unique? Probably the fact that it takes place in a pool, surrounded by booze and piñatas. Beach balls, floaties, and good conversation. This setting breaks down any stress and builds up excellent communication, team building, and new ideas. It'll be interesting to see if this "structure-free" trend catches on and how well YxYY will do attendance wise this year.

Read more here:

YxYY has found a unique way to devour the details, now it's your turn!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Who Decorates the Coop for After the I Dos?

In all those romantic movies after the wedding of a lifetime, the bride and groom set off on their new journey together in the back of a car that reads "just married". But have you ever wondered who's responsibile for decorating the wedding getaway car? According to, the best man and groomsmen are usually in charge of this almost always forgotten task.

Brides today are becoming more focused on every little detail and have taken on planning how the getaway car should be decorated by the groomsmen. They're doing this to maximize photo-ops and leave a lasting impression on their guests. It always makes for a fun, little surprise, to see how it turns out when it's time to hit the newly-wed road! gives some great advice in preparing for this part of your wedding: "If you want to depart from the reception in a decorated car, gather all of the necessary supplies (and print out an inspiration photo, if you can!); then, hand everything over to the groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner. You'll also have to let them know logistics like where and when they'll have access to the car, and because they may need to get inside the vehicle to secure some of the decoration elements, be prepared to give them a spare car key".

Don't stop devouring the details!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wine and Dine to Impress your Guests!

This chart gives awesome insight into food and wine pairings. From fish to steak to dessert, there are so many ways to uncork your senses and enjoy the amazing flavors of food and wine pairings. Of course, everyone has their own opinions on what wine is good with what food, but give this a try and see what you think! Enjoy some wine time and devour the details!

What's cooking?

Again I apologize for the briefs posts. Hopefully my laptop will be fixed by Monday! Here is a great article on what it takes to work as a female chef in a male dominated industry. One of the most recognized female chefs to have ever stepped into a kitchen is Julia Child. You could say she really set the wheels in motion for women to be taken seriously as chefs.

According to this article, just like Julia Child, these female chefs who have become part of the kitchens of the gourmet food world have a few things in common: they are constantly learning, they work hard and they have a passion for food that sustains them though the long hours and information overload. In an industry that is forever evolving, these women continue to grow and become more creative; using techniques from various cultures and ingredients from around the world. This information validates that women have a place in the kitchen alongside any male chef. 

Equality in the kitchen is the way to go when it comes to devouring the details! Read more here to get the full scoop from the female chefs themselves:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

To Be A Kid Again!

Here's a great event I came across earlier today that I feel the young at heart will truly appreciate. Have you ever wanted to revisit a place of your childhood as an adult? Where you can be a kid again, without actually being with kids or vicariously living through them? Well I think this event is for you!

Join the Boston Children's Museum April 9th from 6-9pm for 'Grown-ups Night'. Adults will be free to play throughout the entire museum, from the three-story Climb, to the art and science exhibits, to, yes, even the bubble blowing stations. It is a 21+ event where wine and beer will be served and different treats will be available for purchase. The museum gift shop will also be selling throwback candies, like Pop Rocks, Gummy Worms and Pez dispensers. Perfect for date night or GNO!

Honestly, what could be better? Tickets are $25 and you can find out more info here:

Way to devour the youthful details with this event!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Sorry this is going to be another brief post. I have been having a lot of issues posting from my laptop and home computer so I am using my iPad for this one. So I apologize for the formatting issues in advance. Once I get my laptop fixed, I will start putting up some more detailed posts again!

While pinning today, I find some really useful checklists for wedding planning whether you're the bride or a planner. These are great tools to have to cross-check some ideas you may have already written down or some idea you may not have thought of yet.

First, here's a detailed list encompassing rehearsal, ceremony, reception, stationary, and flower details.

Wedding photography opportunities also make for a great checklist. Check out these awesome ideas!

And the most important list I came across is who pays for what. Families working together to pay for a wedding can use this to help distinguish where the money will come from.

I hope these checklists help you devour the details in someway when it comes to planning the big day!

Friday, March 7, 2014

What Night Is It? Game Night!

What’s your favorite childhood game? Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, Uno.. so many to choose from! Next time you're looking to have a night in with your closest friends, throw a game night party. It is a great way to share in some friendly competition, relax, and chow down. Check out these ideas to move ahead three spaces in impressing your friends with your creativity!

Welcome your guests with a sign like this. They'll enjoy the amount of thought you put in to making the games come to life!

Bridgey Widgey: Game Night Party

Have some cute décor by filling vases with game pieces like Monopoly Money or different color dice. Using Scrabble pieces to spell different things out as décor is also a great way to incorporate the playfulness you're aiming for the night to have.


 ciao! newport beach: host a FUN game night party


 Game night party ideas, could totally use this for Girls Game Nights. :)


Game logos can be used to label the different food and beverage you'll be serving. Cookies can be made into game pieces and your theme can play out in so many ways just like it would on the board!


Cupcake using sugar cubes… so cute for a game night or game themed party  BUNCO CUPCAKES!!! Yes!!!

If you really want to make the night memorable for your guests, this cake is the ultimate surprise. I've never seen anything so perfect!

Game night cake!  13!  I think Jessica's 13th birthday is going to be a game day.  This will be the cake.  Oh, yes. 


And now to my favorite part, the favors! Two awesome gifts your guests can use at your party and take home with them. Coasters can be made out of different board games and wine charms with Clue characters are essential to establish who's glass belongs to whom. Everyone can enjoy these!


 ciao! newport beach: host a FUN game night party

Clue game wine glass charms game night party favors Colonel Mustard Miss Scarlett. on Etsy, $18.00

Seriously, what a fun way to bring everyone together. This is a sure way to have your guests let you pass 'Go' and devour the details for many game nights to come!