Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Process, I Do, Recess

If you plan on a formal ceremony for your wedding day, the Processional and Recessional are two things you definitely want to take a look at. There are so many things to take into consideration such as height, matching up bridesmaids and groomsmen, religious considerations, and the roles of your Wedding Party during the Ceremony. Check out these different lineups that'll give you an idea of how you should want the ceremony to flow.

I also found some great tips on the Processional and Recessional on It's a Bride's Life blog, featuring a post by Miss Modern Bride. She explains, if you're in charge at your own rehearsal, you should start by lining up everyone in their places at the altar and do the Recessional first. This way everyone will already know where they are supposed to stand for when you practice the Processional. Run through it at least twice, once where you just watch and have a stand in, so you can see if you like how everything flows, and then make any adjustments. Then run through it again with you actually participating. If you have a Wedding Planner or Ceremony Coordinator they can help you with placement, timing, and specific protocols for a particular venue. These are all just general guidelines so if you have the desire and want to change it up, feel free to add your own personal style!

So line 'em up and devour all the details of your wedding ceremony!

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