Thursday, December 1, 2016

Boston's Very Own City Hall Plaza Winter Wonderland

City Hall Plaza has long been a dreary red-brick tundra that has housed farmers markets and concerts but nothing quite like this before. It soon will be filled with holiday cheer! You may have seen plans for this earlier in the year but it's officially happening. Tomorrow, Boston will unveil their smaller version of New York's well-known Bryant Park right in the heart of the city; a winter wonderland landscape complete with a giant ice skating loop, chalets selling ornaments, chocolate fountains and copious amounts of holiday decorations. A dream come true for Christmas lovers!

City Hall Plaza will soon be a winter wonderland, with a giant ice skating loop, “chalets” selling ornaments, chocolate fountains, and copious holiday decorations.

This is all part of Mayor Walsh's vision to reinvent the plaza. Bids to plan the Christmas experience were submitted from a number of large companies across the city but Delaware North aka TD Garden won the first, second and third go at it as they have received a 3-year contract for the plaza. All week crews from Delaware North and several contractors hurried to install giant nutcrackers, lay out cooling lines for the skating path, lace up 500 pairs of rental skates, and set up Santa’s house. They also stained the walls of the vendors’ stalls, decorated Christmas trees, and set up an exhibit that showed the history of wine making. Clearly an event for all ages!

Nick Norris  and Scott Grealish of Ice Rink Events rolled tubing for the skating path ahead of the opening of “Boston Winter” at City Hall Plaza. Antifreeze is used in the tubing to freeze the water.

“Boston Winter” will be open to the public seven days a week, but there are costs for certain activities, including ice skating, and wine and chocolate tastings, as expected. Vendors will stay open through December when the holiday shopping season ends, and the rest of the village will shut down the last week in February. Plenty of time to check it out!

Sam Underkofler of Brothers Artisan Oil was surrounded by Christmas trees while he winterized the company’s chalet.

The goal here is to provide a setting to bring businesses and the community together. This is a chance to create lasting memories and impact Greater Boston in a new and positive way. We definitely are excited to visit this Winter Wonderland and hope that it becomes a part of Boston's traditions going forward. Join the City of Boston and Delaware North in devouring the details of the holiday spirit all winter long. See you there!

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