Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Track Down the Lululemon Test Truck!

When you hear 'Lululemon Test Truck' we're sure a lot of questions come to mind; are they collaborating with a food truck? Is it a mobile pop up shop? Are they going to yoga festivals and selling gear out of the back of a pick-up? It's actually none of those things. The popular athletic apparel brand is actually in the midst of a national activation tour to get runners to try out their gear in a tricked-out truck. Check it out!


Dubbed the "More Than Miles" tour, Lululemon will be crisscrossing the United States and Canada this year in its Test Truck—a flashy, chromed-out truck transporting a state-of-the-art treadmill. It’s essentially a mobile product-testing lab for the apparel brand’s running gear, since runners and passersby can jump onto the truck and put its tights and tees to the test. It has also become a meet-up for local runners to connect and train together.

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The truck will pop up in 22 cities this year and sends out clues as to where it will pop up next in each city, and runners can share their experiences with the hashtag #thetesttruck. The tour comes with a sweet surprise: Runners get to keep the clothes they try on in the truck. Whether it’s popping up on a city street or at the Los Angeles and Boston marathons, the Test Truck is reaching runners where they are, and getting Lululemon running clothes into their hands. It really gets the brand outside the four walls of their stores to be with runners in their space, on their turf.

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The Test Truck’s next U.S. stop is Minneapolis, and it will hit San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, and Philadelphia before wrapping up in New York this fall before the New York City Marathon. The tour also has a Canadian leg, with stops in seven cities including Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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After dominating the yoga world and moving away from the "athleisure" market, it only makes sense that Lululemon add dressing marathoners to their repertoire. We love watching companies like this grow and can't wait to see how they devour the details of their consumer base over the coming years!

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