Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wedding Wednesdays: Intimate Ideas for a Bigger Wedding

In 2016, the average number of guests couples invited to their wedding was 141. This number is considerably large considering the total cost of holy matrimony these days. Budget aside, with this big of a guest list, you can miss out on the intimate feeling of a smaller wedding. To make that personal connection on your special day, consider incorporating these intimate ideas!

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Host smaller, more intimate events leading up to your wedding day with various groups of guests. This will ensure some much needed attention paid. Whether your immediate family, college friends or work friends, it is nice to spend some time with each prior to your big day!

Light the Way
Incorporating a variety of soft and romantic lights to your reception venue can help create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Uplighting, lanterns, ceiling and market lighting will enhance the mood. Beware of harsh or bright lights, such as spotlights, and when in doubt, add an array of candles for a touch of romance.

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Family Feast
Choose long tables over smaller round ones to create a feeling of being at an intimate dinner party with friends and family. A great way to share laughs (and maybe even a bite of each other's dessert).

Give Centerpieces the Lowdown
While big, tall centerpieces may feel appropriate for a large wedding, consider a low and lush option instead. With low centerpieces, guests are able to see one another and carry on conversation with everyone at the table, not just the person to the right or left of them!

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Greet the Guests
Taking the time to spend a few minutes at each table greeting guests allows the bride and groom an opportunity to enjoy mingling with all of their loved ones and friends, and allows their guests to feel included in their day. Maybe even consider posing for a photo opp or two!

Casual Corners
Designate a space that's away from the reception room for guests to gather and chat—for example, an intimate cigar lounge with a rustic feel complete with wood furniture, Mexican blankets, a fire pit and maybe even some s'mores. Create that warm and cozy feeling for your family and friends to mingle! Or have a fun photo booth big enough for groups to gather (but not so big that it fits all your 141 of your guests).

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Avoid losing out on that intimate feeling at your wedding by incorporating these ideas and devour the details of connecting with your guests—making memories to last a lifetime!

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