Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: What Wedding Guests Care About

While wedding planning, it's always a good thing to take your wedding guests' opinions into consideration. Well maybe not so much their opinion, but more like what details they will notice and will not notice about your big day. I'm saying to think about this because it is a money-saving tactic. For instance, a cake topper is a forgettable element at your reception. Don't go overboard by purchasing an expensive topper when no one is really going to remember it. Unless it does this of course...

Haha! I just love that cake. But in all seriousness, here are four things your guests will care about and four things they won't - that can potentially save you money.

They will care about...

1. How long the ceremony is
This is probably the most important one there is. If your ceremony is in the middle of the summer, outside and not in the shade, for four hours, your guests are going to be dead at the reception. Keep it short and sweet, your guests will appreciate it and it'll feel more intimate and not dragged out.

2. How late they can party to
And it's not necessarily party but more like celebrate you. No one enjoys an early curfew. Make sure you have an after party and then maybe an after-after party (which could potentially be breakfast the next morning, haha). The later the party goes the more time you have to enjoy your wedding with every single person that came to celebrate it with you.

3. The DJ
Choosing a DJ who can spin the most dance-able jams is critical to getting your guests on the dance floor for an amazing time. So choose wisely. Even put together a playlist that you think your guests can get down to or make sure they can request a tune, if it's appropriate.

4. Food and Drinks
I think this one is second to the ceremony length. This is something you have to over-budget for. Not having enough food or running out of beverages will definitely lead to some unhappy, Debby-downer guests. Incorporate something into the menu that your venue has on-hand and can produce a lot of in a short amount of time incase this situation arises.

They won't care about...

1. The Invitations
Though you find this to be the most important and put hours and hours in deciding fonts and color schemes, your guests will be throwing these in the recycling bin the day after your wedding. I mean yes it will be hanging on the fridge for quite sometime as a reminder of the date and location but it just isn't worth it to budget a big chunk of change for a piece of paper.

2. The Guestbook
Nowadays it's becoming a trend to dip your finger in pink ink and stamp your print onto a picture of a leafless tree as a keepsake for the bride and groom in place of a guestbook but trust us, your guest does not approve. It would be better to just not have a guestbook at all. Ridding yourself of this "necessity" can save your some moola and give your guests more time to bust a move on the dance floor.

3. The Garter/Bouquet Toss
A lot of brides will now go out and buy two bouquets so they don't ruin their ceremony bouquet during the toss. Save yourself the money and just cut out the toss completely. My friend didn't do it at her wedding and no one noticed until days later. If you're guests are already having a great time, no need to interrupt and slow-down the night with this contest. Or if you're the traditional type, just take a few flowers out of your ceremony bouquet as keepsakes before you toss it.

4. Favors
Keep them realistic and useful. While wedding favors can be sweetly representative of the couple getting married, they can also be a big expense. More often than not, the couple spends hundreds of dollars on trinkets that guests either don’t care about or actively avoid taking home. Truthfully, how often are they really going to use that Champagne flute with your names etched into it? I say go with some edible that can help with their hangover the next day!

We hope these tidbits help you to devour the important details of your wedding day experience and save you some money that you can end up putting towards your honeymoon instead!

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