Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Mashups: Retro and Rave

Now we know you may need to use your imagination for some of these but it is a Monday morning so bare with us if these seem a little far fetched. We usually come up with these mashups by trolling Pinterest and finding a few things we like and think could go together. As for this theme, retro and rave, it's a twist on poodle skirts and glow sticks. Taking diner dancing up a notch with a little bit of EDM. Think 'Grease' meets 'The Jersey Shore', fist pumping the night away in your favorite cardigan.

This pretty much sums up exactly what you'd want to serve at your retro and rave mashup; sliders, coke floats, and popcorn. Done and done and more like yum and yum.

Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes with Free Football Party Printables. So many fun ideas!! #homebowlhero

I love how retro these cupcakes look, especially with the light blue frosting! They would also make an awesome treat to serve up.

50s Soda Shoppe Cupcakes For a rockabilly theme

Here's an idea of what to wear. We'll add on more once we get to the rave portion.

Oh my goodness, I love her dress and I'm totally going to make my mom wear a dress like that!
1950s Poodle Skirts, Old fashioned Diners, Dancing

Really get retro with these two photobooth ideas. A classic photobooth or car cutout will make for some fun and memorable photos!

Music, whether it’s a DJ or a 12-piece orchestra, is only one way to keep the party moving. Entertaining your wedding guests with fun experiences and little luxuries can add to the festivities and personalize your day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

cool photo booth idea

Not sure what cocktails to serve? Check out this classic list of tasty treats!

Cocktails Retro Art Drinks Vintage Printable Illustration Instant Download Collage - Altered Art Supply - Mad Men Party Decorations by mindfulresource

Have a modern juke box play all of the latest and greatest rave hits. Make sure you get one that lights up because this is going to turn into a blacklight party!

Juke Box ~ Game Room

It's time to rave. Bust out the blacklights.

BLACKLIGHTS (it is better to have two 48" blacklight tube fixtures than 10 of the blacklight bulbs)

First step, glow sticks, everywhere.

Glow Sticks (use inside bottles for decor)
Tip -- All the night-time parades feature vendors selling the most wonderful "light-up" items.  They are not cheap -- and your kids WILL want them.  Go to the Dollar Store before your trip and stock up on Glow Sticks, jewelry,  and other neat Disney Merchandise.  Then hand them out at Parade Time in Disney World!                   20120803-140651.jpg

Try these balloons for the dance floor. Blow them up and add a glow stick inside so they're weighted. They add a total rave element to the party!

Add glowsticks in balloons and place in yard for a night time party

Accessorize with neon and glow-in-the-dark lips and nails!

candy bracelets rave - Google Search around edge of paddle

Glow in the dark lipstick and nail polish

Get this Glow Stick! Stila's New Lip Crayon Glows in the Dark... so cool

Neon UV Black Light Reactive Liquid Eyeliner Raves Clubs Party | eBay

Join in the fun by taking this retro game to the rave level. There's nothing better than a little Twister!

Tape some Glow Bracelets to your Twister board for a fun game of Glow Twister!

End the night serving some cotton candy on a glow stick.

glowstick cotton candy, ring toss, hula hoop, etc...Design Dazzle: Summer Camp: 10 Awesome Glow Stick Ideas

We know this probably seems like an out-there mashup but we think it would be a huge hit. Everyone will definitely appreciate your efforts in taking retro into the 21st century with this hypnotizing rave element! So hand-jive your way to the dance floor and devour the details of this awesome Monday mashup!

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