Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: Six Sensational Times Bacon Stole the Show

A staple in every meal, we've all known and grown to love bacon. And if you love bacon (almost as much as you love your fiancé), you should probably feature it at your wedding reception! Doesn't matter the time of day, these bacon dishes will steal everyone's heart (and fill their stomachs). Mmm. Enjoy these six sensational times bacon stole the show!

Top off a Triscuit with a Peach, Arugula, and Bacon combo. Your guests will be pleased and this is a very reasonably priced snack!

Bacopeachugulascuit (bacon+peach+arugula) Recipe

Maple Bacon Donuts. Now I've given them a shout-out once before but if you missed it, Union Square Donuts in Somerville is the only place to go when you need some of these in your life. Do it, just do it.

Maple bacon doughnuts

Bacon Tomato Soup Shooters. Yes please! I love soup a bit more than I love bacon, and this combo is exactly what I would want at my very own wedding reception!

Tomato Soup Shooters Served With Bacon On A Stick

Chipotle Chocolate Drizzled Bacon. Sorry, what? Are we dreaming? Nope. Just say 'I do' to these amazing treats!

Chipotle chocolate drizzled bacon

Well these seem interesting. Bacon-Wrapped Quail Bites may sound like a strange combo but seriously, how delicious do they look? We'd give them a shot!

Server holding bacon wrapped quail bites

Chocolate Dipped Bacon Cupcakes. We are all about these. Perfect combination, of sweet and savory, just like you and your groom!

Cupcakes with chocolate icing and bacon

Okay, I don't know about you but now we are starving! Dive in and devour the details of these show-stealing bacon sensations at your reception and let us know your guests' favorite!

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