Thursday, November 13, 2014

Flourishing Florals

Are you a bride-to-be following the latest wedding trends? Want to do something unique? Something Unexpected? Have a love for floral design and want to create stunning, unforgettable, and truly beautiful arrangements? Then read up on what The Knot says is the next natural element to flourish!

This trend has us seeing paisley!  There are literally millions of ways to arrange flowers at your wedding reception, but these trendy creations make a huge statement in endless arrays of colors and styles. You can start with 3D artful arrangements of colorful blooms popping out of gilded, ornate frames. Go formal, surrounding a golden menu card with white hydrangeas in a baroque frame or go rustic with a row of lilies and succulents lining the bottom of your wooden, framed escort card display. Check out these awesome ideas below on how to incorporate this trend at your ceremony or reception!

1. 3D Framed Flowers

Wedding Flower Frames | Jennifer Lindberg Weddings |

This stunning purple and pink arrangement played with mixing 3D and 2D textures. It is one piece of d├ęcor that cannot be ignored!
Photo: Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

2. Hydrangea Frame

Wedding Flower Frames |Lissa Anglin Photography |

Highlight formality by framing your menu signage with white hydrangeas in an ornate, gold frame. Your guests won't be able to resist reading it!
Photo: Lissa Anglin Photography; From the album: A Legacy Event Center Wedding in Lubbock, Texas

3. Appetizing Arrangement

Wedding Flower Frames | The Wedding Artists Collective |

Make your cocktail hour artful by arranging your hors d'oeuvres or small bites s on a bed of long green grass.
Photo: The Wedding Artists Collective;  From the album: An At-Home Wedding in Orient, New York

4. Votive and Flower Mixture

Wedding Flower Frames | Jenny DeMarco |

Looking for a way to make your low centerpieces more creative? Lay various large-headed blooms on a photo frame or mirror and add in a few votive candles. This centerpiece shines a romantic light on any table!
Photo: Jenny DeMarco Photography; From the album: A Romantic and Elegant Wedding in Austin, TX

5. Artful Escort Cards

Wedding Flower Frames | Chelsea Nicole |

Guide guests to their seats with an extra-large frame filled with moss, then attach your escort cards in an artful arrangement. It is a fun and floral way to interact with your guests.
Photo: Chelsea Nicole; From the album: A Greystone Mansion Wedding in Beverley Hills, California

6. Rustic Succulent Display

Wedding Flower Frames | Stacey Pentland |

Even a bare wooden frame can add impact when paired with textured flowers, like these succulents and calla lilies. This gives a natural element to the event.
Photo: Stacey Pentland Photography; From the album: A Rustic Vineyard Wedding at Solage Calistoga in Calistoga, California

Don't waste time! Find your flourishing florals and devour the trending details while you can!

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