Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mr. Bright Signs

Came across an awesome article by BizBash author Marth C. White, explaining some bright ideas for better event signage. Event signage can be a huge part of your venue. It is technically a main attraction - attendees are always looking for signage so they know where to go or what they should be doing. It is also a huge revenue source if you're advertising for vendors and supporters; making attractive signage a priority. Look no further because these ideas will have attendees gawking in a good way!

1. Turn unlikely elements into signage
One example is printing sponsors’ names on helium-filled Zygote balls that change color when touched. This gives attendees a hands-on experience they're likely to remember!

2. Combine fabric and LEDs for a chameleon display
Fabric is stretched into a frame lined with remote-controlled LED lights that change color. The fabric diffuses the light for a subtle effect, and the planner can change the brightness or color depending on what else is taking place in the space. Take it from bright and eye-popping when attendees first arrive, to dimly lit when speeches or presentations are going on.

3. Decide if you really need 4K
New 4K monitors (which double standard 1,920- by 1,080-pixel resolution both vertically and horizontally to 3,840 by 2,160, quadrupling the pixels) are just coming into rental use, but since the most cutting-edge technology is always more expensive at first, evaluate the content you plan to broadcast before committing. If there is enough money to fund this cost, why not be one of the first events to create an experience with 4k monitors? Innovation is always awesome.

4. Create logos with products
One example mentioned was creating a client logo using different colored apples that were mounted on an angled board as you walked into the space. Other than produce, items ranging from electronics to consumer packaged goods, such as cell phones or cereal boxes, could be pressed into service the same way. An unusual display will stick with attendees and become something they will talk about with others, whether good or bad, after the event, creating a desire to hopefully test the product.

5. Mix up your video feed
A wall of LED panels can deliver a great visual statement, but it’s a significant investment, so you don’t want attendees to tune it out. Since just a scroll of sponsor or donor names can get monotonous, mix it up with a montage of photographs that tie into the group or event’s theme, quotes from the group’s leaders or beneficiaries, or other visually stimulating imagery.

6. Use themed “human arrows” to guide attendees
Instead of having staff members or arrows on easels pointing the way to a nearby off-site venue, incorporate something extremely unique like acrobats, jugglers, or stilt walkers holding arrows to direct attendees from one space to the other. Based on your theme, you can get really creative with selecting something that stands out for this job.

7. Build fabric walls
Print and layer fabric panels for a visually arresting effect. For a trade show exhibit booth, illuminated fabric walls that were printed with the company name can be created to construct the booth’s sides. Inside, curved, semi-sheer fabric “walls” can offer buyers a more private space to meet with sales reps without cutting off light or sight lines.

8. Make a logo come to life by adding animation
Once you have your animated logo, based on your event or client, etc., you can hang flat draping all the way around the room and use moving projectors to display the animation, pausing the visuals during speeches and presentations, for a dramatic and memorable effect.

Get creative and focus on what will stick in attendees' heads when being visually engaged at your event. Now, devour the signage details with these bright ideas when planning your next event!

Helium-filled Zygote balls, which were printed with sponsors’ names, changed color when touched at a retail conference. Photo: Courtesy of Cievents

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