Monday, November 24, 2014

To Have and To Hold, Your Cards That Is!

One main component to any party or reception is the gift table. It is often overlooked even though it is usually visited by every guest in attendance. Why not make it a main feature? Get creative with these awesomely unique cardholder ideas!

A Pinata

Wedding reception card box | Lauren Fair Photography |

A Lego Box

Wedding reception card box | Julia Newman Photography |

Stacked Boxes

Changed up the specifics, but this was the inspiration for making my own wedding card box

A Mailbox

Wedding Mailbox Card Box  Standard USPS size by MarleyintheMiddle, $48.00

A Lobster Trap

Such a unique card box for a nautical themed wedding.

Cinderella's Carriage

Gold Cinderella carriage wedding cardholder. A sweet prop for a fairytale wedding. #SparkleCreativeD #WeddingStuff Blog at

A Gift Box

Gold Gift Card Holder #wedding #daisydays #anniversary #50thanniversary

A Vintage Suitcase

Table for the gifts

A Photo Box

Photo Box Reception Gift Card Holder - Black or White #wedding #cardbox #cardholder #daisydays

A Birdcage

Ivory Birdcage/Wedding Card Holder

Whatever you may choose, make sure that it is something that represents you! Devour the details of your cardholder and get creative with your 'Thank Yous' too!

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