Monday, January 19, 2015

Double the Fun

During this year's Super Bowl, you can look forward to not just one halftime show but two! Katy Perry step aside, YouTube will be taking some of the spotlight, producing its own show featuring the platform’s own stars and fake ads. Surprised? You shouldn't be. More than 60 million people subscribe to the channels of the participating YouTube creators, some of whom YouTube has been promoting on billboards in major U.S. cities.

YouTube will produce the program with Collective Digital Studio, a Los Angeles online video network that features many of the online stars. They describe the show as counter-programming to what will be on TV, essentially designed to appeal to viewers who care more about the ads than the game. Statistics show that people spent 6.3 million hours watching last year's Super Bowl ads on YouTube after they aired. So YouTube thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give their viewers something to watch simultaneously rather than post-game.

YouTube believes that the combination of these ads with the growing profile of online stars like Freddie Wong, whose main channel has more than 7.4 million subscribers, and Toby Turner, will help them vie for attention with Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz, NBC's halftime performers. We will definitely checkout the YouTube Super Bowl Halftime Show and are excited to see the number of views they get. Great way to devour the game day details!

Harley Morenstein, who will host YouTube's Super Bowl halftime show, and Dave Heuff

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