Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Say I Do

Minnesota couple Brittney and Briggs who recently tied the knot, had experience walking down the aisle prior to their big day. The couple’s love story began in 1995, when they were both 3 years old, serving as flower girl and ring bearer in a wedding. Brigg's Godmother and Brittney's Mother were friends, leading to the them both being involved in his godmother's wedding.

Briggs said he barely remembers the wedding, but recalled that Brittney seemed a little hyper.

Both vaguely remember the wedding and did not keep in touch until they were randomly placed in the same government class in ninth grade, many years later. Brittney recognized his unusual name, and asked her mother if it could be the same boy. She then brought a picture of them at the wedding to show Briggs. “When she showed me the picture, I said, I have one just like that on my wall at home,” Briggs said.

To the delight of their friends and family, the couple started dating their junior year of high school.
Briggs says, “My godmother was freaking out about it, taking credit for it." And just last year, the couple got engaged after five years of dating. While planning out their wedding, they considered repeating history, but ended up choosing a ring bearer and flower girl from the same family.

We're still overjoyed for this lucky couple and their fairytale happy ending. And believe that Brigg's Godmother deserves a special devour the details thank you for having a hand in this perfect match!

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