Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: Have Your Polish Compliment Your Bling

Once you're engaged and wearing that ring around, you want to make sure your nails are in perfect shape for showing it off! Have your polish compliment your ring to make it extra noticeable. Your hands will standout in your engagement photos with these tips and tricks from The Knot for the best manicure to make your ring sparkle and shine even more!

Barkev's rose gold engagement ring

This apple red polish will highlight the pink accents in your rose gold ring for a look any romantic would envy. Red polish, $9, Fifth Avenue,

Engagement ring by Barkev's

Christopher Designs art deco engagement ring

Your diamonds won't be the only bling reflecting the light, your nails will too when your polish has little flecks of silver shining in it. Shimmer polish, $27, Dior Vernis,

Engagement ring by Christopher Designs

Demarco yellow gold engagement ring

Pair an elegant, timeless yellow gold engagement ring, with an even more classic sheer pink manicure. Pink polish, $21, Estee Lauder in Ballerina,

Engagement ring by Demarco

Diamond Ideals engagement ring

Let your solitaire diamond be the center of attention and pair your ring finger with a barely-there nude hue. Nude polish, $7, Sally Hansen in Sheer Ecstasy,

Engagement ring by Diamond Ideals

Elma Gil engagement ring

The double band on this outstanding semi-mount diamond ring is already going to turn heads, so go ahead and give them another reason to stare with a light blue mani! Powder blue polish, $11, Formula X in Pastel Sky,

Engagement ring by Elma Gil

Henri Daussi engagement ring

Any other color wouldn't stand up to this diamond's shine! Let it sparkle all on its own by keeping your nails understated with a subtle peachy-pink polish. Opaque polish, $7, OPI in Passion,

Engagement ring by Henri Daussi

A.jaffe sapphire engagement ring

Enhance the deep hues of your beautiful sapphire stone with equally rich, jewel-toned tips. Navy polish, $18, Deborah Lippmann in Rolling in the Deep,

Engagement ring by A. Jaffe

Aspen Diamonds engagement ring

A bright white polish is the perfect look for a modern, posh style ring with an of-the-moment diamond halo. Just heavenly! White polish, $20, Nars Cosmetics in Ecume,

Engagement ring by Aspen & Co

Let your ring sing and your polish be the backup! Devour the details of your perfect engagement ring mani with these fabulous ideas from The Knot!

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