Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: Our Favorite Wine Favors

Or should I refer to today as Wine Wednesday? I prefer the grapey-goodness myself and I'm sure it'll play a large role in my own wedding someday. I've even been collecting corks, hoping to incorporate them somehow into my reception. So when it came to selecting some of my favorite wine favors, it was hard because I love them all!

Customized Wine Glasses

Custom 9oz. Arc Perfection Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses – From $0.82 Per Glass

Personalized Engraved Wine Wood Stoppers

60 Wood Wine Stoppers - Engraved Custom Personalized Wedding Favor. Would totally do this someday for my imaginary winery wedding where I wear a romantic lace dress haha!

A Sweet Little Thank You Note

love the engagement photo wine bottle wedding favors

Make Your Own Wine

Four steps - each about 1 hour scheduled roughly two weeks apart for a total of six weeks:

1. Mashing and stomping
2. Racking off the "lees"
3. Clearing and stabilizing
4. Bottling (and labeling)!

Visit Vitner's Arbor in Westford, MA for more information!
We even like the idea of mini wine bottles
Mini Wine Bottle Favors #BridalShower #Wedding #Favors Photo Credit: jen+ashley photography
Check out The Knot for some more favor inspiration and devour the details of your favorite grape touches today!

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