Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Mashups: Skylines and Soirees

Skylines work as décor for a number of events. They are so dynamic--industrial, natural, monumental--and definitely unique. On a grand scale, like a stage backdrop, to a smaller scale, like centerpieces, skylines make a statement your guests will love. Make your event memorable. Check out these different ways to incorporate a skyline at your next soiree!

Be Monumental

Put it on a BuffetPut it on a Buffet

From the Bunker Hill Monument to the Capitol building, these intricate replicas make for a truly memorable night. The custom displays work great on food stations and buffets for an added reminder of life, liberty and justice for all.

Photo Backdrop

Use it as a Photo Backdrop

What's a better way to display a skyline than having it live on in everyone's photos? We recommend creating a hashtag for this as well so all of the images end up compiled in one searchable place!


Put it on the Bar

If you have a long bar at your upcoming event, a skyline is the best way to dress it up. Since the bar can be such a focal point of a room already, the skyline won't go unnoticed.

Dim the Lights

Display it in Lights

Almost like a foggy city night, this skyline projected display really brings the outdoors in. We love how this creates a relaxed mood for the event!

Entryway Display

Display it at the Entryway

Like a walk through the city, create an epic entryway with ceiling high screen-prints. Your guests will appreciate the anticipation this creates while heading into your event!

Stage it Right

Use it as a Stage Backdrop

Bring some life to a room with a natural backdrop and additional scenery/props. A perfect way to get your guests feeling like they're in Central Park versus Beverly Hills!

Get creative with these skyline ideas and devour the details of a successful soiree today!

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