Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wish of a Lifetime

We're sure you've heard of the Make A Wish Foundation and all the great work they do with making the impossible, possible for children with life-threatening medical conditions. But have you heard of the non-profit Wish of A Lifetime? We hadn't either until the other day but this charity is so worth sharing. Wish of A Lifetime's mission is to shift the way society views and values our oldest generations by fulfilling seniors’ dreams and sharing their stories to inspire those of all ages. They envision a world in which society embraces aging and the inherent wisdom that accompanies it, where seniors are celebrated for their accomplishments and sacrifices, and where intergenerational connections are part of our daily lives.

Wish of a Lifetime

Wish of A Lifetime drops some serious knowledge on their website: The senior population is expected to double by 2050, and the 85+ population will triple in that time. Seniors are the fastest growing population in the world, and the number of seniors will only continue to grow. Currently, 11.3 million seniors live alone, and the number of single-person households increases with age. Seniors who experience social isolation are more at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and in some cases even dementia. Some researchers say it is just as hazardous to health as smoking. According to the National Council on Aging, nearly 1 in 3 socially isolated seniors expect their quality of life to get worse in the next decade.

Let's make those statistics change! A little love can go a long way. The granting of a Wish is a simple act, yet the impact it has is profound. The Wish of A Lifetime wish recipients report that they are happier, healthier, and feel more involved in the world after experiencing their Wish. By reaching out to elders in our lives, we can all help show them they are loved and appreciated. Wish of A Lifetime is able to connect seniors with people, purpose, and passions to eliminate their feelings of isolation and help them live vibrant, purposeful lives. What a way to honor those who've paved the path for us so long ago. It is truly appreciated!

Carolyn Sees The Colts

How can you get involved? One way is to share the Wish of A Lifetime stories to inspire everyone to start thinking differently about our oldest generations. Since we're always on our phones anyways, spread the word to your family and friends about their mission, and share the seniors’ Wish stories with your social networks. We guarantee they will have you aweing. You can also help a senior in your community realize their dream is inspiring and empowering. Find a wish for a senior in your community, then work with one of the Wish Staff to make it happen!

Another way to contribute is to make a monetary donation. The funds go towards giving these seniors the experience of a lifetime. After reading this story, we know you will want to help this charity out!

"94-year-old Lee Lanzen lives in the Westlake Village Brookdale community. He is a veteran who served in the Navy Air Corps for ten years, including several years during World War II. Lee flew a Corsair Fighter Aircraft for a short time, but due to his exemplary flying skills, was asked to stop flying and begin teaching. He served as a Navy flight instructor until he retired, but has not had the opportunity to fly a plane in nearly 60 years. His Wish of a Lifetime was to get back in the cockpit.
Lee has spent most of his life in Ohio. He was born in Rocky River and used his GI bill to attend college at Case-Western University in Cleveland following his ten years of service in the Navy. After he graduated college, Lee enjoyed a 35- year career as an insurance salesman. In his spare time, Lee loved skiing and golfing with his son. Recently Lee has become wheelchair bound and is unable to enjoy his favorite activities. The activity he missed the most has always been flying, and he was excited to have the opportunity to pilot a plane again.

Thanks to Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime, Lee’s Wish came true. On November 20th, 2015, Lee and his son travelled to a local flight school, where Lee once again had the chance to fly a plane."

Lee4 lee2

How heartwarming is that? We are so ready to help our seniors' wishes come true! Get involved and devour the details of a Wish of A Lifetime today!

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