Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Transforming Grief: Watching Technology Evolve in the Funeral Care Profession

Not to be morbid, but this is something that you're going to see much more of. In this day and age, we are constantly connected via technology. We have it in the palms of our hands every single day. And just like most places with an online presence, funeral homes are also a business with plans to evolve through the web.

The nature of grief is transforming. Those involved in this industry are finding that innovation in death care stands to bring people together. For instance, with more physical distance between mourners and their loved ones, the grieving process is increasingly going online, thanks to tools like Facebook memorial pages, online guestbooks, and funeral service livestreams. These created connections are all becoming standards for those in the funeral business to have.


One company providing tech services to funeral businesses is funeralOne. funeralOne is a personalization, technology, and consulting company for the funeral care profession. funeralOne's core services include strategic funeral home web site design, personal funeral service consulting, and funeral tribute video software. Committed to delivering innovation, funeralOne collaborates with its clients to help them reach their full market potential. With deep industry expertise, broad resources and a proven track record, funeralOne can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients reach their customers in new ways. Helping those in the funeral care profession will in turn make for an easier grieving process for those who've lost a loved one.

You will also see that some cemeteries are even going high-tech. For instance, geotagged, interactive headstones can make it easier to find burial places of loved ones and easily call up more information about their lives. Sort of unbelievable right? But this is the world we live in.

Ultimately, how to go about grieving is a personal choice. But the reality is that as the world technologically evolves, businesses like funeral homes will continue to adapt with hopes of making saying goodbye to a love one easier. For more information in the advancement of funeral services check out this article by Julie Kliegman, a writer for The Week. And continue to watch out for the way funeral services devour the details of the ever-growing connection the world has via technology.

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