Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Mashups: Pop-Up Vending Machine

Welcome back to the work week folks! We have a case of the Mondays and are sure you do too. Let's forget what day it is for now and just focus on the mashup we're bringing you today! We've heard of pop-up stores and pop-up restaurants so when we saw this brand activation focused around a pop-up vending machine, we weren't that shocked (but we still think it's awesome)! Check out what Hyatt did to get New Yorkers interested in their new travel-focused campaign.

Hyatt Centric's giant vending machine invited passersby to push a button for a chance to win a variety of prizes including a Vespa Primavera motor scooter. Photo: Taylor McIntyre/BizBash

We are all use to seeing vending machines dispense soda, chips and candy bars but this one didn't do any of that. It, in fact, offered prizes such as Starbucks gift cards, selfie sticks, a Vespa and even a private limo service around the city. Pretty cool, right? Hyatt Centric--the new hotel brand aimed at millennial travelers, launched this attraction on October 20 to promote its exploration-focused campaign.

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The structure, produced by Awestruck Marketing, offered more than 1,600 travel-theme prizes that were advertised on a grid. Along with what we mentioned earlier, additional prizes included $10,000 worth of Hyatt gift cards, $5,000 weekend getaways to a Hyatt hotel of choice, and a Shinola Detroit Arrow bicycle. Once passersby posted a photo of their favorite destination to Instagram with the hashtags #HyattCentric and #Sweepstakes, they could participate in the activation by pressing a large white button to win a prize at random. A great tactic by Hyatt to spread the word via social media.

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The activation also took place in conjunction with the rebranding of the Hyatt Times Square New York to the Hyatt Centric Times Square, which later that night hosted a Z100 Jason Derulo performance. One of the vending machine prizes was two tickets to the show, which was co-hosted by iHeartMedia. Definitely a clever way to promote this new campaign! We are intrigued by Hyatt's branding and how they've tied their prizes to activities and products that millennials find attractive. We know we're going to check out Hyatt Centric when planning our next getaway!

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We hope you're able to devour the details of all your great stories to come with the help of Hyatt Centric!

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