Monday, February 10, 2014

Brew Together

My friends posted some info on this really cool local brewery last week and I thought it'd be perfect to share on the blog. It's called Hopster's Brew & Boards located in Newton, MA. This brewery was created when founder Lee Cooper noticed a need for craft beers after coming to the US in 1996 from England. He missed the cask ales and other beer varieties he’d known and loved in the UK and eventually began brewing his own beer at home. Once Lee conquered the brewing process, he felt it was time to share his techniques and inspire others to brew the right beer for them.

Lee wanted the brewery to be a community that would bring people together to experiment, create unique craft beers, and learn more about brewing beer in general. Thus Hopster's was born! And has been very successful since.

So I'm sure you're wondering what goes into brewing your own craft beer and how much it may cost. Well, included in the brewing price of either $150 or $200 is your own concierge brew master, recipe (or your own creation), all ingredients, bottles, customized labels, and 3 cases of your own hand crafted beer. Up to three people are allowed per kettle when brewing so you could individually pay $50-$70 each if you go with friends. Hopster's offers other amenities like beer sampling, food, and tours as well. I can't wait to get to brewing!

Be sure to check them out and make a reservation to devour the details of craft brewing today!

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