Monday, February 3, 2014

Have A Paw-ty

For all the dog-lovers out there, give your pup a treat this upcoming year with the best birthday paw-ty known to man, or dog for that matter!

Invite all your dog-owner friends over for a barking goodtime. If you're looking to host the party somewhere other than your home, pet stores and dog parks are places where you could have it.

What should your tablescape look like? Puppy bowls with grass centerpieces; make these pups feel super special!

How cute are these fire-hydrant decorations? Of course I would put them outside, just incase the pups mistaken them for real ones! And the puppy balloons are easy to make. Draw on the face and tape on construction paper ears. Adorable!

Organic is the way to go when feeding the hungry pups. Try finding your local dog stores/pet shops and see if they bake treats in-house made with natural ingredients. You can also look up recipes yourself or make something like these peanut butter and jelly filled or cheese "bone-wiches". Yum!



Don't send your friends home without a doggy bag! Include some of those organic treats and toys to remember the party by!


Every dog has its day. Show your friends how easy it is to devour the details!

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