Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Look Whooo's Having A Baby!

There aren't a lot of themes for a baby shower where the gender remains a secret so I thought sharing this idea might help some couples out! 'Baby Whooo' owl themed shower brings "gender neutral" to life with pops of color and fabulous designs. You and your guests will have a hoot of a good time celebrating your soon-to-be baby! Here are some ideas to start you off.

First up, décor. Owls on display here and there, owls on display everywhere! Some of these decorations can be handmade and a lot more can be found in party or craft stores near you. Since the gender is still a secret and a name hasn't been chosen, 'Baby Whooo' is the perfect banner to have up.



Sweet treats like these will really brighten up your tablescape!
Owl cake pops are super easy to make and absolutely adorable. They can be made in all different colors to really create that splash of color.

These amazing Owl cookies can be used as centerpieces or gifts to take home. Plus, they look so good your guests may want to eat them on the spot!


Perfect little Owl family on top of an elegantly-designed and brightly-colored cake fits right in with the theme. It will also be an extremely memorable element of the party.

Mason jar Owls are a fun gift for guests to take home. These can be used if you were to have a candy bar, filled with popcorn, as part of a game, or whatever else you can imagine!
Devour the details of your baby shower and give your guests a hoot!

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