Monday, February 17, 2014

Swag For Days

Most events attract attendees with the swag given out but believe it or not, there are just some things people don't always want to leave with. Typically, there should be an immediate link between the goodie bag and the event itself but organizers can often get carried away and fail to connect the dots. BizBash recently interviewed frequent event guests and put together an article on the craziest swag they have ever received. It is definitely an article worth reading!

Here's a sneak peek at what these attendees had to say:

“In 2012, at the end of Target’s 50th anniversary party, I received a heavy gift bag and initially felt like Charlie Brown on Halloween—‘I got a rock’—because I discovered there was a solid brick inside. But then I appreciated the meaning behind the gift (it was a memento from Target’s first store). And then I realized it was a great workout opportunity. Every girl needs to tone her arms!”
Liz Lange, fashion designer

“I think the strangest gift I ever got was a Blackberry at one of its events. It was locked and only on one network, which meant if you didn't have an account on AT&T you couldn't use it. I think it led to a lot of regifting. It went from ‘this is awesome’ to ‘I wonder if so and so would like this,’ and look at where Blackberry is today.”
Eric Villency, C.E.O., Villency Design Group

“I once received from Degree Deodorant a gym locker—a full-sized legit locker you’d see in a college gym—filled with their products.”
Nic Screws, senior fashion market editor, Esquire

“I once got a tissue box cover in the shape of the Easter Island head statue Moai that, when placed over a Kleenex box, allowed tissues to be pulled out through it's nose.”
Jason Sarlanis, senior vice president of unscripted development, Ryan Seacrest Productions

To all the event organizers out there, put a lot of thought into your swag. Being strange and unusual may also be the most memorable and rewarding for your organization. Just make sure you devour the details and give them something they'll want to take home!

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