Monday, April 14, 2014

Borrowed & Blue Events

Came across a wonderful wedding blog today! My best friend recently got engaged so I think this post will suit her, and any budget-conscious bride.

Borrowed & Blue Events Wedding of the Week featured bride Nikole who only spent $1,500 on her wedding (including her dress and photographer). This bride was able to acquire many free items that would ultimately be the biggest cost of anyone's budget. Nikole breaks down her spending and explains each cost throughout the post but I thought I'd share how the money was allocated here as well.

Attire $400
Food $200
Photography $600
Decorations $20
"Flowers" $15
Ceremony and Reception Venues $0
Rings $0

It is an unbelievable feat to keep wedding costs this low but if Nikole could do it, so can you! Read more from her and Borrowed & Blue Events and devour the details without breaking the bank.

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