Monday, April 7, 2014

Eventbrite Spotlight: Gray Matter Marketing

Gray Matter Marketing is a company based in Newport, Rhode Island that offers marketing consultation and event management to businesses and not-for-profit organizations throughout New England. Their expertise in lifestyle events and sports management, provides their partners with first-class experiences ranging from endurance road races to food and beverage festivals. With this, they have implemented different sponsorship programs that compliment these events through marketing, promotions, product sampling and extensive social media activation/campaigns. The end result is an integrated program designed to inform, engage, and drive business.

Eventbrite sent me an email with an upcoming Gray Matter Marketing event that they thought I might be interested in. The event they put on is the Craft Brew Races which are being held from May through September, all across New England. This event is a 5K beer festival. Races incorporating beer at the finish line are becoming wildly popular as of late and Gray Matter Marketing seems to have picked up on this money-making trend. It is an interesting concept that planners should learn more about.

To find out more about Gray Matter Marketing and what they do, check out their website here:

And to learn more about participating in one of their Craft Brew Races, click here:

Devour more than just the details when planning your next 5K!

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