Thursday, August 21, 2014

Breaking All The Rules

Came across the cutest blog post by none other than Lauren Conrad. Many idolize her, including myself; from her start on MTV's Laguna Beach, to her spin-off The Hills, and building her own clothing line, she's truly made a name for herself. On her self-titled website, you can find advice, trendy tips, and much more, all from Lauren's perspective. Today I will be sharing her idea of '5 Wedding Rules That Are OK to Break'.

Rule No. 1: You Must Have an Even Number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen in Your Wedding Party

There's no need to exclude a close friend or include someone you don't want in the wedding just to get those perfectly symmetrical sides. For the processional, you can simply have each person walk down the aisle individually or have some groups of three.

Rule No. 2: The Couple Should Not See Each Other Before the Ceremony

This is of course a personal decision for the couple, but almost every wedding photographer will recommend something called a ‘first look’ portrait session before the ceremony. Your hair and makeup will still be intact, you will be less stressed during the ceremony, and you will be able to enjoy the cocktail reception in a timely manner, if you choose to take your photos prior to the ceremony.

Rule No. 3: You Should Freeze the Top Layer of Your Wedding Cake to Eat on Your First Anniversary

Instead of breaking out a cake that tastes like freezer burn, why not celebrate by ordering a new cake from the same bakery?

Rule No. 4: You Should Be Married by a Civil or Religious Authority Figure

If you don’t already have a religious or civil authority that you are close with, choosing to have a friend or family member marry you is a great way to make your ceremony personal and meaningful.

Rule No. 5: The Bride’s Family Foots the Bill

The goal should just be that everyone is paying for what they can afford; a wedding can be made beautiful on any budget and should never leave the couple or their loved ones financially overwhelmed.
Break all the rules with the help of Lauren Conrad at your wedding but don't forget to devour the details!

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