Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Make Your Presence Known

Stephen Greenwood, a member of the Trillectro Music Festival team, has been successful at growing and expanding this non-tech music festival event for three years now. He also works for the mobile app team at GEICO and is one half of the More Than Frnds DJ duo. If you're wondering how he's been able to make his presence known in a market with behemoths like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Governors Ball, here's how.

1. Email user acquisition
2. Leverage your followers and their fans, too!
3. Automate and optimize
4. Repurpose other’s success
5. Incentivize and track

Greenwood goes more in depth in his helpful five tip article, How to Use Technology to Grow and Expand Your Non-Tech Event. He also wants you to consider identifying several outlets to whom you can offer discounts. Find groups with a unique audience that could enjoy the experience you provide. You may not have the resources for sophisticated referral tracking, but a helpful trick is to offer custom discount codes to specific groups. This way, you can track the sales of each campaign and make adjustments to help identify which partners are worth investing more resource towards.

These awesome ideas have helped Greenwood and the Trillectro Music Festival devour the non-tech event details and now with this knowledge, you can also make your presence known!

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