Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pancakes & Pajamas

Haven't you ever just wanted to have an adult pajama party? Bring all of your friends over to stay in on a Friday or Saturday night, in their pajamas (where we all want to be anyways)? Well, here are some ideas to do that!

Adult Pajama Parties ;) #splendidsummer

Make it fun. Require the snazziest pajamas and serve breakfast hors d'oeuvres; donut holes and fruit loop rice krispie treats to start!

Chic Party: Cake plate of donuts holes at Pancakes and Pajamas birthday party!

Fruit Loop Pops--i.e. Rice Krispies on a stick. Has this person tried eating a cereal treat held together with marshmallow? I'm assuming no, because doing that while trying to keep it from falling off a stick would inevitably end in sticky fingers. So why don't we just take out the middle-man--and the stick?

Set up a waffle and pancake bar for the main course. Your guests can feed their breakfast cravings with whatever toppings they want! You can also serve the usual sides: scrambled eggs, sausage, and of course bacon.

waffle & pancake bar

Serve individual mimosas and have a coffee station for your guests to enjoy.

Pancakes & Pajamas Birthday Party

101 ways to decorate tiered plates... This was one of my faves...Cute for everyday but even cuter for guests.
The guests who may not be interested in breakfast might find midnight snacks to be more appealing with their pajamas. Set up an awesome popcorn bar and relive some childhood memories with these cookie and milk shooters.
POPCORN CART! (need to make one of these for my popcorn machine!)
Porque não fazer um brinde para as crianças também? Curtimos muito a ideia, e vocês?
Make it a comfy atmosphere by setting up different areas of pillows for guests to relax on.
22 Brilliant Ideas For Your Tiny Apartment -- Use giant pillows on the floor if you don't have room for a couch.
A Dream Pillow Room
Incorporate these breakfast related games to really show your guests a good time. Hang donuts from strings and see who can eat the donut the fastest without using their hands. It's hilarious when kids do it; it would be even funnier to see adults try.
Such clever ideas for a pajama party!  Very adaptable for boy or girl.
A donut toss would be a fun game too, especially for guests who may've had a couple of mimosas!
Photo 2 of 43: Breakfast, Pajama Party / Birthday "Pancakes & PJ's dual birthday party" | Catch My Party
Lastly as a token of your appreciation that your guests came, send them home with these adorable pajama cookie party favors.
Pajama Cookies!  That would be fun for a sleep over!  @Julia Keith
Now, put on your best pajamas and devour the details!

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