Monday, September 15, 2014

Crown Cake Toppers, Celebrate Like Royalty

Thanks to The Knot, I am now dreaming of a royal wedding with one of these elegant crowns on top of a beautiful cake. Whether you fill it with flowers, fruit, or just let it stand alone, your guests will want to devour the details of this magnificent cake fit for a king and queen. You can get the look for your wedding by checking out any of these vendors below.


Personalised Wooden Crown Wedding Cake Topper


French Star Drape Crown, Santos Statue Crown w/Clear Rhinestones, Sz Small 5.25"
Crown Cake Toppers

1. Gold Crowned Cake Topper,, $38
2. Personalized Wooden Crown Cake Topper,, $5
3. Lace Crown,, $12
4. Daddy Long Legs Cake Crown,, $625
5. French Star Drape Crown,, $47

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