Thursday, February 27, 2014

Being Unique: Part Six

I have stumbled upon a great wedding venue hidden gem thanks to a friend who will be visiting this place over the weekend as preparation for her brother's wedding. The Barn at Gibbet Hill only started hosting weddings in 2002 but has been a hit ever since. This is a unique venue giving the setting in Groton, MA. A truly picturesque scene for your special day.

The Barn is a stylishly renovated and restored turn-of-the-century barn that overlooks rolling hills of conservation. It can hold up to 220 people with the perfect dance floor. There is an outside, heated deck with a permanent roof over it that is used for cocktail receptions. They offer everything from classic plated sit-down dinners to more casual farm-sourced receptions for your guests to enjoy. They are there for you, every step of the way through the planning process! You will be able to meet with their catering manager, have a tasting prepared by the banquet chef, and have access to any one of their staff who can answer whatever questions you might have. At The Barn, there is never more than one event at a time, so the staff will be dedicated to attending your every need on your wedding day! What could be better?

Get more info at The Barn at Gibbet Hill and see how well they devour the details!

Summer wedding 2013 | The Barn at Gibbet Hill | Groton MA

Summer wedding 2013 | The Barn at Gibbet Hill | Groton MA

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And the 'Pinning' Oscar Goes To..

Now, I know I always post about Pinterest but seriously if you don't already have an account, make one. Pinterest makes party planning ten times easier. People share so many great ideas and recipes on there like these trophy-winning, awards party boards; created to get you red carpet ready! Fancy hors d'oeuvres, splashy cocktails and buttery popcorn are some of the delightful boards Pinterest users offer so you can take home the award for 'Party of the Year'.

living in the ice age: Nori Wrapped Smoked Salmon & Asparagus

Skinny Blood Orange Margaritas

So be sure to use Pinterest to devour the details and get your acceptance speech ready!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Viva Green Vegas!

Have you ever heard Las Vegas and thought eco-friendly? Well now you will! Surprisingly enough, the city has developed into a sustainable city for meetings and events.

In a brief article I read, I was exposed to how Las Vegas is "going green" (and not just on the roulette wheels). According to Taryle Spain, director of client services at The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), the use of sustainable products, energy-efficient lighting, water conservation, sustainable food choices, green building, reducing carbon emissions, cleansing and recycling excess soap and shampoo for use in developing countries and donating extra food to food banks are all initiatives they've taken to be more eco-friendly.

Recycling, all-fuel transportation, and community building are other sectors the LVCVA is also taking on to become more eco-friendly. In addition, several of the city's resorts have embraced bold programs, spanning everything from building efficiency to food-waste reduction; Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts, and Sands Corporations to name a few.

This is an exciting time for Las Vegas and a win-win transition to becoming more eco-friendly. Check out this website to find out more on how Las Vegas plans to hit the jackpot in green meetings and events.

Viva Las Vegas and devour the details!

How Las Vegas aims to hit the green meetings jackpot

Monday, February 24, 2014

Being Unique: Part Five

Heard about this awesome venue for special events in South Boston, the Artists for Humanity Epicenter. Founded in 1991, Artists For Humanity’s mission is to bridge economic, racial and social divisions by providing under-resourced youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in the arts.

AFH began as an entrepreneurial venture that produced and marketed large-scale collaborative paintings reflecting the rich cultural diversity of the local urban communities to Boston’s business community. Today, AFH remains a haven for teens from all over the city; a place where they can explore and express their creative abilities, and identify possibilities for continuing education. They also pride themselves on developing young people as leaders in social change.

The EpiCenter is the first LEED Platinum certified building in Boston. They were recently nominated for the Harleston Parker Medal as one of Boston’s “Most Beautiful” project completed in the last ten years. They offer an environmentally friendly and uniquely innovative space for all types of events. From intimate dinners for 50 to cocktail receptions for 450, common events become extraordinary events when produced in this unique setting. Events held at the Artists For Humanity EpiCenter contribute to sustain the arts for the youth of the Boston community.

Check out there website for more information but in the meantime, here’s a bit of what separates the AFH EpiCenter from other event spaces:
  • Individuals, companies like Keds, Fidelity Investment and Green Mountain Coffee and organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Boston and American Repertory Theater like that the rental cost all goes to support a non-profit art apprenticeship program that gives inner city youth a voice, a vision and a job.
  • The award-winning AFH EpiCenter is Boston’s only LEED Platinum building which is the highest designation of the US Green Council.
  • Location is ideal for parking and public transportation near the T.
  • The award-winning building design is enhanced with art by talented AFH youth artists.
  • Architectural details include vintage Crown Victoria car windshields that enclose the mezzanine overlooking the 5,000 sq’ Lewis Gallery event space. The 18-foot ceiling enhances the versatile ambiance of the gallery. South facing windows provide excellent natural lighting.
  • A floor to ceiling “garage-style” glass door opens onto an adjoining courtyard that offers an additional 1,200 square feet, weather permitting.
  • Even the bathrooms have surprise design elements.

Giving back to the youth of the Boston community is a great way to devour the details! Keep up the great work AFH!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Queen Latifah Show

Sorry for another quick post but I saw this clip today and thought it was perfect to share. Queen Latifah had guest Carson Kressley come on and show viewers how to throw an Oscar Bash on a budget. He has some great tips and tricks to make it a memorable night that you can enjoy yourself as well as your guests. Check it out here!

And keep devouring the details!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Look Whooo's Having A Baby!

There aren't a lot of themes for a baby shower where the gender remains a secret so I thought sharing this idea might help some couples out! 'Baby Whooo' owl themed shower brings "gender neutral" to life with pops of color and fabulous designs. You and your guests will have a hoot of a good time celebrating your soon-to-be baby! Here are some ideas to start you off.

First up, d├ęcor. Owls on display here and there, owls on display everywhere! Some of these decorations can be handmade and a lot more can be found in party or craft stores near you. Since the gender is still a secret and a name hasn't been chosen, 'Baby Whooo' is the perfect banner to have up.



Sweet treats like these will really brighten up your tablescape!
Owl cake pops are super easy to make and absolutely adorable. They can be made in all different colors to really create that splash of color.

These amazing Owl cookies can be used as centerpieces or gifts to take home. Plus, they look so good your guests may want to eat them on the spot!


Perfect little Owl family on top of an elegantly-designed and brightly-colored cake fits right in with the theme. It will also be an extremely memorable element of the party.

Mason jar Owls are a fun gift for guests to take home. These can be used if you were to have a candy bar, filled with popcorn, as part of a game, or whatever else you can imagine!
Devour the details of your baby shower and give your guests a hoot!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympic Viewing Party

So I'm probably a little late with sharing Olympic party ideas but if you haven't thrown yours yet, here are some details that'll make this glorious celebration even more memorable.
The best Olympic drink I've seen so far uses Lifesaver Gummies as the colorful rings. Here's the recipe I found:
1 shot vodka ½ shot Cointreau 1 ounce pineapple juice 2 ounces Champagne Lifesavers Shake vodka, Cointreau and pineapple juice with ice. Strain into a martini glass. Top off with champagne. Add Olympic colored Lifesavers.
Check out this great way to incorporate 'the gold'. Transform gold plates into gold medals by punching a hole at the top and tying a ribbon through it. So fun and extremely easy to make.
Light the night with these paper torches filled with fire-colored cheddar popcorn.

Bring everyone together with this delicious Olympic Ring pepperoni pizza. Easy to create and something that will make a lasting impression.

I don't know about you but one of my favorite Olympic games is curling. Mimic the sport by creating these delicious curling stone whoopie pies for dessert!

Make sure your guests leave with 'the gold' by giving out these gold-wrapped chocolate filled goodie bags. Everyone deserves a win!


I hope these ideas help you to devour the details and give your guests a mouthful during these 2014 Winter Olympics!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Swag For Days

Most events attract attendees with the swag given out but believe it or not, there are just some things people don't always want to leave with. Typically, there should be an immediate link between the goodie bag and the event itself but organizers can often get carried away and fail to connect the dots. BizBash recently interviewed frequent event guests and put together an article on the craziest swag they have ever received. It is definitely an article worth reading!

Here's a sneak peek at what these attendees had to say:

“In 2012, at the end of Target’s 50th anniversary party, I received a heavy gift bag and initially felt like Charlie Brown on Halloween—‘I got a rock’—because I discovered there was a solid brick inside. But then I appreciated the meaning behind the gift (it was a memento from Target’s first store). And then I realized it was a great workout opportunity. Every girl needs to tone her arms!”
Liz Lange, fashion designer

“I think the strangest gift I ever got was a Blackberry at one of its events. It was locked and only on one network, which meant if you didn't have an account on AT&T you couldn't use it. I think it led to a lot of regifting. It went from ‘this is awesome’ to ‘I wonder if so and so would like this,’ and look at where Blackberry is today.”
Eric Villency, C.E.O., Villency Design Group

“I once received from Degree Deodorant a gym locker—a full-sized legit locker you’d see in a college gym—filled with their products.”
Nic Screws, senior fashion market editor, Esquire

“I once got a tissue box cover in the shape of the Easter Island head statue Moai that, when placed over a Kleenex box, allowed tissues to be pulled out through it's nose.”
Jason Sarlanis, senior vice president of unscripted development, Ryan Seacrest Productions

To all the event organizers out there, put a lot of thought into your swag. Being strange and unusual may also be the most memorable and rewarding for your organization. Just make sure you devour the details and give them something they'll want to take home!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pinterest Showing Some Love

For those of you not familiar with Pinterest, it is a way to collect and share ideas using photos and descriptions, with just about anyone. I get a lot of my creativity in posts by browsing through their many boards and repining others. But why do I truly love Pinterest? Well mainly because of this awesome e-mail I just got from them.

A perfect way to spread love this Valentine's Day. I can't wait to send some out! An awesome idea that truly devours the details. Cupid, eat your heart out! Keep up the good work Pinterest. Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who Is Wolfgang Puck?

A name well-recognized by many because of its uniqueness and affiliation with amazing food, but how much do you really know about the legend, Wolfgang Puck? Puck began cooking at his mother's side as a child. She was a chef in the Austrian town where he was born, and with her encouragement, Wolfgang began his formal training at the young age of fourteen. He bounced around for many years cooking in different kitchens and learning many techniques.

At the age of 24, Wolfgang took the advice of a friend and left Europe for the United States. His first job was at the restaurant La Tour in Indianapolis, where he worked from 1973 to 1975. Once he began collecting awards as a chef in Indianapolis, he headed to LA and soon gained recognition by Hollywood's elite.

Puck had a great understanding of the potential for California cuisine. His dynamic personality and culinary brilliance evolved into building one of the greatest food empires known to the culinary world. His empire encompasses three separate Wolfgang Puck entities: Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, Wolfgang Puck Catering, and Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc. He has been featured on many of my favorite cooking shows including Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, and Iron Chef. Check out the Wolfgang Puck Empire website to find one of his restaurants or catering services near you.

Keeping devouring the details Wolfgang and we'll keep eating them up!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Consider This!

Sorry all but this is going to be a brief one! I started a new job this week and am trying to get the hang of working full time, coaching, and blogging. Better posts to come, I promise.

Although a short post, this will definitely be one you'll want to hang on to.

I was browsing through some of my favorite sites over the weekend and came across this awesome article on Food & Wine online. They put together a list that should be known by any traveler; what hotels have the best bars. Definitely something to consider when booking a hotel!

Now, these aren't just your typical hotel bars. They attract the local community, guests staying in other hotels, and many more. These bars have become a real part of the regular nightlife and are truly considered 'destinations' in their own right.

The bars that made the list are from all over; Minneapolis, Philly, Houston, and Washington, D.C. Check out the Best Hotel Bars list and start your travel plans tonight!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Brew Together

My friends posted some info on this really cool local brewery last week and I thought it'd be perfect to share on the blog. It's called Hopster's Brew & Boards located in Newton, MA. This brewery was created when founder Lee Cooper noticed a need for craft beers after coming to the US in 1996 from England. He missed the cask ales and other beer varieties he’d known and loved in the UK and eventually began brewing his own beer at home. Once Lee conquered the brewing process, he felt it was time to share his techniques and inspire others to brew the right beer for them.

Lee wanted the brewery to be a community that would bring people together to experiment, create unique craft beers, and learn more about brewing beer in general. Thus Hopster's was born! And has been very successful since.

So I'm sure you're wondering what goes into brewing your own craft beer and how much it may cost. Well, included in the brewing price of either $150 or $200 is your own concierge brew master, recipe (or your own creation), all ingredients, bottles, customized labels, and 3 cases of your own hand crafted beer. Up to three people are allowed per kettle when brewing so you could individually pay $50-$70 each if you go with friends. Hopster's offers other amenities like beer sampling, food, and tours as well. I can't wait to get to brewing!

Be sure to check them out and make a reservation to devour the details of craft brewing today!