Thursday, March 19, 2015

TBD Foods

There's been some buzz around my office about a co-worker's house that turns into a Pop-Up restaurant on occasion. No really, I'm not lying. My co-worker's roommate is an aspiring top chef who's dream of owning a restaurant or even a food truck is on the brink of becoming reality. TBD Foods is a personal dining and catering company based in Somerville, MA with a focus on local and seasonal ingredients and scratch cooking techniques.

At TBD Foods their passion is happiness, to them that means dirty napkins, full bellies, wine stained smiles and a night full of memories. They hope to spread the word and their food to hungry patrons across the Greater Boston area one Pop-Up at a time. If you're late to the restaurant-game, a Pop-Up dinner is a dining experience that takes place in an unconventional dining atmosphere, anywhere from green houses to apartments with converted dining rooms. Essentially, wherever diners can be served comfortably (with room for a kitchen).


At TBD Foods their Pop-Ups typically are family style seating (1 or 2 large tables), coursed-out meals, with a casual atmosphere. To TBD Foods these dinners are just as social as they are about eating. They believe it should be a memorable evening that brings people together, to forget about the rush of the day to day, and enjoy the company of others, as well as some great food. Along with their Pop-Ups, TBD Foods also offers a variety of cooking experiences, from a small private dinner party, to larger events and even cooking classes, TBD Foods have the experience to have you covered.

Lemon Tort

I think one of the best things TBD Foods offers that helps them stand out among other personal dining and catering companies is their "Cook With Us" feature; allowing new chefs to work events with them and showcase their talents in the kitchen. As a Guest Chef you get creative freedom to cook what you want, help (if needed) from TBD Foods in menu creation, assistance from TBD Foods to procure the ingredients of highest quality, and development of your personal brand. This kind of experience will build any new chef's credentials and confidence in the kitchen.

Tomato Avocado Salad

Since TBD Foods has taken off, they're continuously growing and gaining even more recognition. With all of the support they've received, they've been able to move into a shared kitchen space in Somerville; Kitchen Inc. They are in the process of moving in but soon enough will be able to host an array of events from Pop-Ups to classes and event group cooking dinners. TBD Foods will be launching a crowd funding campaign soon to help with the purchase of some new equipment (plates, pans, etc.) due to the expansion and consumer needs. They are still in the process of figuring out the logistics of the "Help Us Grow" campaign, but if you would like to support TBD Foods before they officially launch feel free to donate here. Also, if you’d like to be notified about their progress, sign up for the TBD Foods newsletter and stay informed of future events and the campaign.

Cook Pierogis for a Wicked Local Pop-Up Dinner
And on top of all that, these clever folks even have a membership program you can join to dine with them called The Supper Club. The Supper Club offers members an exclusive opportunity to see upcoming events first, save up to $20 per dinner, and reserve seats before anyone else. This is a great option for diners who join them for pop-up dinners often. By purchasing a membership, you are supporting the growth of TBD Foods, which will allow them to host dinners more frequently, bring in more guest chefs, and create new services like additional cooking classes.
TBD Foods

So whenever you're planning your next event, hire a chef or dine with TBD Foods for the ultimate foodie experience and watch them devour the details in the kitchen!

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