Thursday, September 10, 2015

Five Fantastic Ideas to Get You Geared Up for Oktoberfest!

It's right around the corner! Oktoberfest is nearly upon us, full of German tradition and mostly beer. Explore the culture and add these details into your food and beverage, d├ęcor, and event space. Get geared up for this tremendous event by incorporating these five fantastic ideas!

Bite-Size Brats

Bite-size Brats

Serve up these bite-size traditional Hampshire pork bratwursts with a hearty relish and brown ale mustard!

Oompah Band

Oompah Band

Have the traditional sounds of Oktoberfest as live entertainment!

Pretzel Bar

Pretzel Bar

This is definitely our favorite. What pairs better with beer than pretzels? Stay a little sober with an awesome pretzel bar like this! Have a variety of pretzels including plain, sea salt, cheese, and pepperoni (yes, pepperoni). Accompany these show-stoppers with whole-grain mustard and tomato-bacon jam for the perfect snack!

Beer Garden-Style Dining

Beer-Garden-Style Dining

Communal tables are a beer garden staple. You can cover the long wooden tables with traditional blue-and-white checked tablecloths or leave bare.

Did Someone Say Dessert?

German Dessert Buffet

Go all out with this incredible dessert station idea. Apple strudel for days. Offerings can include traditional German treats such as Black Forest cake and obsttorte as well as miniature opera cakes. The menu of passed desserts can feature items like one-bite ice cream sandwiches made with German spice cookies and lemon sorbet.

These ideas are beyond eindrucksvoll (awesome) and will have you guests sabbern (drooling)! Enjoy Oktoberfest and devour the details while cheersing to another successful event!

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