Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We just love this day of the week! Today, we wanted to take some time to pay homage to a spring and summer wedding gown trend that you will see all over Facebook and Instagram this year. We've done our research and selected our six favorites to share. Here are the best floral print gowns that steer clear of being prom-y and will make you happy to "wake up and smell the roses" on your wedding day!

Lace and Blues

20 Nontraditional wedding dresses for bride | Oddy Stuff:

The combination of the delicate lace with the pops of blue throughout the skirt make for a beautiful visual. Your eyes start at the bottom of the gown and move up to the lace and then of course to the gorgeous face of the bride-to-be. Perfect for an outdoor wedding. Couldn't be more stunning!

Embroider Me

If this was mint itd be my favorite nontraditional wedding dress by far.:

The floral pieces might be hard to see but this stunning sheer-like gown is trimmed at the bust with the most perfect embroidered flowers that really accentuate the bride's shape. We love how they're just enough to make this gown a fit for a spring or summer wedding. Gorgeous!

Rose or Rosé?

Floral reception dress:

This all over printed gown completes your Secret Garden wedding theme. We love the low-cut sort of scoop neck design of this dress as it elongates the bride's body, making her appear a bit taller. The full skirt and train are a picture perfect addition for your wedding photos. Seriously, how beautiful?!

Fit and Floral

Dieses Modell aus Seide in Offwhite: | 38 wunderschöne Ideen für moderne Hochzeitskleider:

A perfect print for a wedding gown, the up and down lines on this dress work like stripes, again creating an elongated look for the bride-to-be. This fitted floral gown with sleeves is a great choice for an early spring wedding. We love the variation in color and how the actual floral arrangements accentuate the bride's dress! Lovely!

Color and Jewels

Temperley London floral wedding dress:

Just gorgeous. This wow-factor of a gown has it all! From the bejeweled neckline to the print and fit, this little number will outshine any other dress at the wedding (as it should). We love the neutral color chosen for the gown as it really makes the florals in the print pop. Outstanding!

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

This nontraditional wedding dress is beautiful.:

But we all know, of course he loves you! This stunning gown reminds us of picking daises but your guests won't be thinking about anything other than how beautiful you are. The neutral shades of the floral print make for a more natural look and don't overpower the dress itself. We love it!

If your wedding date is set for the spring or summer, consider stepping outside of the box and trying out some floral print gowns. Your dress will surely be a standout and we know you've got all the bridal power and knowledge to devour the details of this trend without getting too prom-y. So say yes to the dress already!

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