Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wedding Wednesdays: Show Your Love with Pizza

Lately, Domino's Pizza has been trolling the world with their new and improved marketing campaigns. They have the Piece of the Pie Rewards Program--where you can buy shares of Domino's stock and the $7.99 carryout deal all week long, strumming up new business like never before. Not to mention, you now have the capability to order Domino's online from anywhere including your car, Amazon Echo and even your Smart TV. Incredible! But what we didn't see coming is their most recent venture...a Domino's Pizza wedding registry.

It's true! Starting today, February 8, the recognized world leader in pizza delivery is rolling out the aisle runner for its very own wedding registry at Commence some drooling! What's even crazier? Customers requested this feature! Domino's loyal fan base had a hand in making this wedding registry happen since so many couples already include the cheesy goodness in their wedding day.


So how do you create your dream Domino's registry? It's super simple. Just add in your information and select the photo, message and items you want, and then you can share your wish list with family and friends on social media or just pop it on your existing wedding registry or website with a unique URL. Wedding guests can also search for a registry by using your names and wedding date. You can then choose from a variety of featured gifts to enjoy before, during and after the wedding (prices start at $15).

For those who aren’t sure what to serve at pre-wedding festivities like bachelor parties, Domino’s has it covered with "2 a.m. Bachelor Party Feast." After you settle into newlywed life together, you can enjoy a "Low-Key Date Night" or take advantage of "An Excuse Not to Cook." All gifts will be delivered to the lucky recipient's email as Domino’s eGift cards to use on for whatever items they want. If one of your guests prefers to give a physical gift, they’ll receive a printable confirmation email perfect for putting inside a card. We can't think of anything more perfect!

Domino's Wedding Registry

To celebrate the launch of Domino’s Wedding Registry, wedding-inspired pins have also been added to the official Domino’s Pinterest page to make all your pizza pinning dreams come true. And even if you know a pizza-loving couple who isn't registered yet, it's still a great gift to give for Valentine's Day or their engagement party! "We wanted to give recently engaged couples that are passionate about pizza the chance to register for something they both truly love as much as their partner," Jenny Fouracre, Domino’s spokeswoman shares. "Choosing wedding gifts can be a daunting process, especially if couples can’t agree on what to register for. Our registry aims to bring couples together over their shared love of pizza." Beautifully said!

Popping the questions can definitely work-up an appetite! Devour the details of creating your very own Domino's Wedding Registry and enjoy each bite with the one you love! Thanks Domino's!

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