Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wedding Wednesdays: Six Stunning Ceremony Backdrop Trends for 2017

Brides are starting 2017 off with a bang, especially when it comes to ceremony backdrops. (Ugh, we just crave this creativity!) These stunning designs are nothing short of fabulous and we anticipate seeing a lot more of this picture perfect trend all year long. Get inspired by these six stunning backdrops and incorporate a little creativity into your ceremony!

Macramé Art

Macrame ceremony backdrop

Macramé designs can host multiple patterns in one piece, giving your guests some extra eye candy in one fantastic element. Want to dress it up a bit? Standout with flower garland strung above for an extra visual surprise!

Paper Flowers

Colorful paper flower backdrop

You can follow your wedding color scheme in this backdrop, or go the playful route and throw a variety of colors into the mix. A wall of colorful paper flowers is sure to brighten any space and add to every photo opp!

Cloth Designs

Stitched cloth backdrop

Don't be afraid to play with texture—fabric, sequins or even colored lace all make for eye-catching details. A minimalist design like this one is perfect for a venue that has a lot going on. Simple and sophisticated!

Paper Triangles

Modern dessert table backdrop of paper triangles

Looking for something a bit more modern to jazz up your urban space? Geometric cutouts have a way of feeling whimsical but incredibly contemporary at the same time. They make a stunning statement!

Wooden Doors

Small wooden doors with center florals for a ceremony backdrop:

For that vintage feel, dressing up two antique wooden doors creates a unique look you don't see every day. We love that it really brings the wedding theme to life!


Washington Campsite Wedding with a teepee:

This has got to be our favorite! We are obsessed with tipis. Little did we know they make for an utterly unique and beautiful backdrop. Can't wait to do something similar!

You're already an eye-catching bride—why not add an element of surprise with a creative ceremony backdrop? Get inspired and devour the details of this stunning 2017 trend!


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