Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Advertise like Audi

We've all seen a lot of out-of-the-box ads and campaigns through our endless social media scrolls, TV product placements and print marketing drives. It is truly crazy and also pure genius what some companies can come up with for branding opportunities. Which leads us to today's post! Audi Canada has taken sponsored advertising to the extreme again this year. During the FIS Ski Cross World Cup, which took place March 3 to 5 at Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, Ontario, the Audi Canada team engineered a one-of-a-kind ski jump that was embedded with an Audi vehicle. And yes, it looks as amazingly cool as it sounds!

The vehicle was on display in the ski jump throughout the duration of the competition. Photo: Igor Yu

Last year Audi with the help of HornMedia Werbe GmbH conceptualized an idea of how to make a car part of the experience simply by placing it within the course itself. The research and development of the ski jump began in October 2016 with Philipp Von Horn, the project’s engineer and managing director, taking the lead on building the capsule for the Audi R8. It was noted that long hours of detailed planning, coordinating, and on-site control went into realizing the vision. No surprise there! Since this is something that hasn't been done before, we imagine that the time spent creating and executing this feat was exhausting but well worth it in the end.

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With agency XMC Sponsorship and Experiential handling the event production, the stunt's purpose was to show the progress of the brand in each and every aspect, and not just with Audi’s cars. The real goal was to create a conversation about the brand. We'd say that goal was met considering the buzz surrounding the final product.

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Two years ago, the Audi team executed a similar stunt where alpine downhillers jumped over an Audi TT in Austria. They thought this would demonstrate that an Audi Quattro could be driven safely even in winter conditions. Though this concept was successful, it didn't steal the show quite like incorporating a sports car into a ski jump does!

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We give Audi so much credit for coming back year after year with more creative and inventive ideas. They definitely know how to devour the details of their brand! Can't wait to see how Audi advertises next year.

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