Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Eight Eggcellent Easter Desserts to Devour

Easter Sunday is almost here! And though it is a day to spend celebrating life and the start of warmer weather with family and friends, it is also a day to indulge. Why else would they make all that Easter candy?! Let your sweet tooth in on the fun and devour the details Sunday with these eight eggcellent desserts!

Glazed Honey Donut Beehive

Your kids will be all abuzz once they see this "honeycomb" tower on the dessert table.Get the recipe.

Donuts: the absolute perfect way to start the day! Stack 'em up like a beehive for an extra springy display. Check out this recipe!

Meringue Wreath

The best kind of Easter wreath is the one you can nosh on at dessert, no?Get the recipe.

Light and airy, this pretty treat is a picture perfect dessert after a big dinner. Check out this recipe!

Bunny Mocha Swiss Roll

A bunny-stamped swiss roll is about as Easter-appropriate as it gets.Get the recipe.

For the chocolate lovers in your life, this scrumptious roll is an Instagram-worthy dessert and real crowd pleaser! Check out this recipe!

Lemon Butterfly Cupcakes

These butterfly-decorated cupcakes may look tricky to make, but they only require a few simple baking tools. Get the recipe.

We love how springy these look and taste. A nice alternative for those that aren't so in love with chocolate! Check out this recipe.

Cookie Dough Truffles

These truffles look gorgeous on the outside and taste delicious on the inside thanks to the homemade cookie dough filling. Get the recipe at Wine and Glue. 

The perfect portion of cookie dough to treat anyone's sweet tooth! Check out this recipe!

Spring Confetti Bars

Use leftover Easter candy, marshmallows, and bright sprinkles to top these white chocolate chip cookie bars.Get the recipe at Chelsea's Messy Apron.

These packed bars are full of Easter candy surprises! Your guests will love these sweet treats! Check out this recipe.

Peeps Skillet S'mores

The perfect dessert for Peeps season.Get the recipe at Delish.

Melty-chocolate-marshmallowy-gooey-goodness all in one dish. We would eat this even if it wasn't Easter! Check out this recipe!

Mini Eggs Brownie Parfaits

Since you can never go wrong with brownies, here's how to give them a scrumptious Easter twist. Get the recipe at The Busy Baker.

Layers of fun and flavor! We love how the mini eggs add a pop of spring color to this dessert. Check out this recipe!

So many options; small and tall, we love them all! Devour the details of Easter Sunday and treat your guests (and yourself) to these eight eggcellent desserts!

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