Thursday, April 27, 2017

Be-dazzle, Be You

Are you a true 90's kid? Do you get as excited as we do when Fuller House flashes-back to the classic Full House episodes? Did you nearly fall off your chair when you found out a replica of The Max from Saved by the Bell actually exists? If you answered yes to all of these things, then you'll appreciate what the ICA has planned for this Friday night. Join us in bedazzling and being you with a beer April 28 from 5-8PM.

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The ICA will supply the heat guns, stampers, and bedazzling supplies. While they will also have a limited number of headbands and hair clips handy, they highly recommend that you BYOB (Bring Your Own Basics)—such as plain denim, sunglasses, or a water bottle—with which to get artsy. We could bring a whole wardrobe...and maybe some sweet scrunchies! To add to the fun, the ICA will offer beer samples from Harpoon Brewery for participants who are 21+.

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Beers + Bedazzling will take place in the ICA’s lobby, which also plays host to a sculpture from the ICA’s newest exhibit, Nari Ward: Sun Splashed. The rest of the exhibit, which opened Wednesday, will be on view in the West Gallery. It costs no extra fee to bedazzle, just museum admission.

Get your gear lined up and ready to sparkle! Bedazzle while being you this Friday at the ICA and devour the details of your inner 90's kid. (And try to keep the heat gun away from your face!)

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