Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wedding Wednesdays: Bridal Shower Games That Aren't A Bore

We've all been to those bridal showers where the gab and gift-opening seems endless. Especially ones that have very little interaction aside from saying 'excuse me' as you head up to the mimosa bar for a refill. Don't let your bridal shower be a bore! Step your game up with these fabulously fun ice breakers for all to enjoy.

Bridal Shower Bingo
The Gist: It's Bingo with wedding-themed pieces.
What to Prep: Create bingo cards, but replace the word BINGO with the word BRIDE along the top margin. Instead of numbers, list facts relevant to the to-be-weds inside each square. For example, one might be the name of the city where the couple is getting married or the place they got engaged.
How to Play: Follow traditional bingo rules: The first guest to mark off a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins a prize. And you can definitely play more than one game!

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Wedding Jeopardy
The Gist: Guests choose one of the wedding-related categories and then have to answer a question to win points.
What to Prep: Create a chart by labeling pieces of paper with the bride-to-be's name written across the top margin and then several categories down the left side (flowers, hobbies, pets, movies, colors). Come up with difficult questions that pertain to each category. For example, "What flower has to be flown in from Holland in the off-season?" (The answer is the peony!). Don't worry, we didn't know that one either! Finally, you'll need to set out pens and note cards for each guest to use. Each winner gets a prize!
How to Play: Give each person a turn to pick a category. When a category is called, read out the question. Each guest then has two minutes to come up with the answer (no phones allowed) and write it down on her note card. When time is called, everyone has to put their pens down and show their answers. Give one point for every right answer, and the person at the end with the most correct answers is the winner!

The Newlywed Game
The Gist: Just like the famous game show, put the to-be-wed in the hot seat to answer questions about their fiancé to see how their answers compare.
What to Prep: Before the bridal shower, interview the fiancé with questions about each other and their relationship: "Where was your first kiss?" "What is his favorite meal that you cook?"
How to Play: At the shower, ask the bride the same questions and see if she can answer correctly. To get the full effect, record a video of the answers and play back the responses to each question for everyone to see and hear. The anticipation really builds and it gets all of your guests anxiously awaiting the answers!

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Pass the Love Story
The Gist: Each guest gets their chance to exaggerate the "story" of how the couple met and fell in love.
What to Prep: All you need is pen and paper for this one!
How to Play: The host starts it off by writing a line at the top of the piece of paper about how the couple met. For example, "Ben and Jen met at the office." She then passes the piece of paper to the next player, who writes a line to follow that one. Once that player writes their line, their job is to fold the paper over so that only their sentence is revealed to the next player. After everyone has contributed, the guest of honor should read the final piece aloud to the group. A creative and unique way to get everyone involved (and laughing)!

Vow Collaboration
The Gist: Similar to Pass the Love Story game above, except for this one, the group creates a silly set of wedding vows.
What to Prep: You'll need two clipboards, pens and paper.
How to play: Tell the group they're going to help write the couple's wedding vows. Circulate two clipboards: one with the header "I [insert name] take you [insert name] and promise to" and the other with the reverse. Give each clipboard to one guest and instruct her to write a vow phrase under the header. For example, "I promise to…not hog the shower in the morning." Once one guest has written their vow, they should fold it over so that it's hidden, and then pass it to the second player. Once everyone has contributed to both clipboards, read the vows aloud for all to hear.

Like we said, these games won't bore your guests! Devour the details of these fabulously fun ice breakers and kick the endless gab and gift-opening to the curb. Cheers!

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