Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chocolate State of Mind

What's a great treat to bring to holiday parties this season? Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Here are five easy to make festive sweets using melted chocolate and creativity!

Chocolate covered candy canes. Use these to add peppermint flavor to your hot cocoa.

Chocolate covered marshmallows. Putting a lollipop stick through the marshmallows makes them easier to dip in the hardening chocolate. Use creativity to decorate!

Chocolate dipped fortune cookies. These are great because they are not only satisfying but also fun to eat thanks to the fortune inside.

Chocolate covered Oreos. The only thing that could possibly make Oreos even better is covering them with chocolate.

Last but not least, the classic pretzels dipped in chocolate. A salty and sweet treat, these can be easily decorated and put on display. Yum.
Devour the details and turn these chocolate ideas into reality for your next holiday party!

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