Monday, December 9, 2013

Shake Up Your Swap

Every year we do a Yankee Swap on Christmas Eve with my dad's side of the family. It is always very loud, filled with laughter and joy. People put in a variety of gifts from quesadilla makers to knit scarves to movie passes. I never really thought to have a themed Yankee Swap until this year when I was doing some themed party research. If you're looking to shake up your swap this Christmas, here are some great ideas to follow!


Ask people to bring an item from home that they don’t ever use. One of the biggest perks of this theme is that there are typically some pretty funny stories behind the unwanted items.


If your family is on a tight holiday budget, having this theme may allow more people to participate. It is a low-cost, creative way to get everyone involved and find out some secret craft talents as well!

'Ugly Ornament'

Ornaments are inexpensive, gender-neutral, and come in a lot of varieties which gives an opportunity for everyone to join in! Turn this theme into a contest and award an additional prize to the person who brings the ugliest decoration.

'Letter of the Alphabet'

For this theme, guests have to bring something to the party that starts with a particular letter of the alphabet. Assign the same letter to everyone, or give each person a different one to really shake up the exchanges.

'Naughty or Nice'

This theme is mainly to get everyone to be a little naughty. Lewd gifts are encouraged so it may not be appropriate for all ages but would definitely be a good time with your closest friends! And don't worry, Santa won't find out!

'Ugliest Hat or Socks'

Similar to the ugly ornament idea, hat or socks are inexpensive and can be really funny/inappropriate. Having to wear the hats or socks for the rest of the night will also keep everyone laughing for hours!


Pretty self-explanatory. Anything 80's goes!

'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'

Have a scratch ticket/lottery ticket swap. This could be a lot of fun to see who wins big!

'Ugliest Item Under $10'

Guests can literally bring anything that they find unappealing as a gift for $10 and under. Cheap and hilarious, everyone will like this idea!


A Christmas classic. Who doesn't enjoy any of these items!

Hope these themes help you put together a detailed swap you can devour!

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