Friday, December 13, 2013

Pnina Tornai

You must all know by now that I am quite obsessed with 'Say Yes to the Dress'. One of my favorite designers on the show is Pnina Tornai. She is an exclusive designer for Kleinfeld and is a leading international bridal and evening wear designer.

Growing up in Israel, she dreamed of being an actress but she put her dreams to the side and attended high school instead. After she finished high school, she enlisted for military service. In Israel, when a male or female turns 18, he or she must enlist in the military. When her time in the military was completed, she decided to pursue her acting career by enrolling in acting school in Paris.

In her spare time, Pnina began designing dresses that complimented different roles she wanted to act in. People began to notice she had a talent for something other than acting. She decided to put her dreams to the side when her third husband convinced her to bring her dresses to Kleinfeld Bridal Salon.

Pnina's designs were rejected initially but she later returned to Kleinfeld's for other pitches. Her new designs were eventually accepted and she has been Kleinfeld's best seller ever since.

Pnina has never taken a sewing lesson in her life. Her designs are wanted by brides across the world. She brings a new and fresh design approach to bridal, one brides and other designers have never seen before. Her gowns are classic but unique and always sensual. The fabrics she uses are light and her details reflect her individual sense of style, glamour and beauty. I adore her. Check out Pnina's page on the Kleinfeld website and see how she devours the details.

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