Monday, December 30, 2013

Food Feature: What’s Hot in 2014 Culinary Forecast

While researching event industry trends for 2014, I stumbled upon this awesome forecast of 1,300 professional chefs (members of the American Culinary Federation) who were surveyed to find out what the hottest menu trends of 2014 will be. This write-up has really opened my eyes to what goes on in the culinary world. If you're looking to find out more about the food and beverage industry, reading up on these trends will definitely help. Check out this first set of findings.

It's interesting that some of these trends have been ongoing from years past. Even though some of them have been trending for a while, it is beyond useful to see where they rank based on these chefs' perspectives for 2014.

In my time within the hospitality program at Endicott College, I was able to get great insight of the culinary industry. With the knowledge of the professors and the extensive curriculum, students were able to identify themes in the food and beverage industry that these chefs identified as well. This forecast put together the top 5 culinary themes and I must say, I completely agree with them.

And of course I couldn't finish up this post without letting you all know about the trending cocktails and alcoholic beverages of 2014! Check out what the chefs are thinking will be a hit this year.

I hope this brief post has given you a new perspective of culinary arts and how much food really impacts the world around us. If this feature has intrigued you then please check out
What's Hot in 2014 Culinary Forecast to learn more. Let these 1,300 chefs devour the details for you in 2014!

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