Monday, December 2, 2013

Candy Cane Creativity

Welcome to December, the month when it is totally acceptable to devour as many candy canes as possible! These winter treats are not only tasty but also decorative. Here are some great ways to turn inexpensive candy canes into festive holiday décor. Enjoy!
This candy cane heart 'Merry Christmas' wreath is an adorable way to show your love for the holidays. Simple enough to make, hot glue the candy canes back to back around a styrofoam circular cutout. What a great gift idea!
These centerpieces are great for a Christmas tablescape. You can make your own Santa hats or buy them at most stores around this time of year. If you find that the Santa hats are too much, just use three square glass vases and fill them with candy canes for a great holiday centerpiece.

These awesome display cardholders made from candy canes will surely impress all your guests. Again, it's as simple as hot gluing three mini candy canes together. Inexpensive and easy is the way to go with decorations when you have to worry about so much more this holiday season!


Candy cane candles will really tie all holiday décor together with the red and white color scheme. I love the way this looks!

Last but not least, display candy canes at the bottom of a vase to bring holiday festive-ness to your average synthetic flowers.

Bring some holiday cheer this year with candy cane creativity and remember to always devour the details!

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