Thursday, January 30, 2014

Looking for Love this Valentine's Day?

As I sat a bar last night with two of my best friends, the topic of love surely came up in conversation; how dating can be difficult, especially if you came out of a long-term relationship, loving yourself and finding a way to love somebody else again. It is hard to find yourself after a relationship ends and someone who can make you forget your ex.

These are struggles we can all relate to. Well after discussing love for quite sometime and wanting to be matchmakers, my friend and I lassoed in a nice gentleman and got his number for our other friend; being the great wingwomen we are. I can't say this will turn into anything for our friend, but in the moment we thought it was something she should pursue.

When I got home, I pondered the struggles of meeting people, whether friends of friends, a complete stranger from online, or someone who happened to start a conversation with you on a train, at a bar, or in class. The nightmare that is a first date. For some, it may seem completely awkward, for others it could be the start of something really great; a friendship, a relationship, or just a fond memory. Then for whatever reason when I was thinking about all of this, I thought maybe my friend should tryout speed dating! Forget, forget Tinder, I'm talking about putting yourself out there, meeting a variety of people in one night, and seeing which one, in person, sparks your interest and creates that connection you're looking for.

So, what did I do? I googled it. popped up and I was hooked. HurryDate speed dating parties let you meet people face-to-face to see if there is chemistry! Each party is held at fun, cool bar and is organized so you'll meet lots of new people on a string of real, live mini-dates. Pretty much exactly what some of my friends could use to find Mr. Right.

I encourage you all to check out their website to find out more and look into signing up for one of their speed dating parties! I feel like I might be rounding my single ladies up to attend when the next Boston location opens in our age range.

HurryDate seems very promising and even provide tips and advice for speed dating via YouTube here:

I hope this post gives you the confidence to devour the dating scene details and maybe find you your perfect match!

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